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About Discord & Rhyme

Way back in the dark ages of the Internet, a bunch of young music nerds got together and formed the Web Reviewing Community, as well as lasting friendships based a shared love of music of all kinds and of slinging (mostly) friendly insults at each other when we disagree. Almost twenty years later, we've decided to roll with the times and adapt to a new medium.

Every episode, we pick an album and discuss it song by song, including background information about the band, the making of the album, and how we all discovered it in the first place. We're opinionated and passionate, so there is plenty of both discord and rhyme. You'll find lots of rock here, but also funk, R&B, hip-hop, jazz, bluegrass, and maybe even a symphony or two.

So where do you come in? If we're going to grow, we need your support. Your generous contributions will go toward hosting costs, equipment, editing software, and of course those awesome albums we need to listen to so we can tell you about them. If you'd like to help us, we have a few reward tiers available so that we can try to convey how much we appreciate your generosity.

Curious about what we've done so far? Here's what our fans have to say:

"If you want to listen to a bunch of music aficionados geeking out hard—and unpretentiously—over some fun albums, which you may or may not already be familiar with, this show will be your jam."
frumpburger, iTunes

"This podcast is, by far, my favorite music-related podcast. The hosts give extremely detailed and excellent reviews of songs and albums and even make learning the backstory behind the albums incredibly enjoyable — even for those artists and albums I *don’t actually like*!"
-StupidNicknameHere22, iTunes

"This podcast is SO well done! For someone who is not well-versed in music, this podcast is not only extremely educational, but absolute comedy gold! The chemistry between the team keeps you entertained and wanting more. I’m so impressed by the deep insight and dissection of a variety of albums and the incredible music knowledge! Thank you for creating an amazing music podcast!!!"
Pebbles M., iTunes

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