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Awaken - Intuition TV
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Take a Peek around and see what we are all about... For ONE whole dollar you can enjoy over 30 posts with meditations, lessons, some Radio shows and Marisa's Podcasts. 

Make sure to look for your RSS feed address to have the posts fed directly into your RSS player!  (the address should be on your home page) 

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO scroll all the way to the FIRST post and do the Higher Self attunement and lesson that will teach you to communicate with your Higher Self and get answers to any question you ask using yes no answers. 

Intuition Live TV - Live readings
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    • ACCESS to chat in Intuition Live - you may be read or you may get your questions answered ONLY tiers at $25 + get access to this Live stream chat each time we do shows, meditations, group healings, lessons. You will also be on the chat for the new audio live stream! 

  • Archive of all the DIscovering Intuition wtih Marisa / Hay House radio shows as well as the meditations that were channeled during them! 
  • Access to some of my classes as well the $250 dollar attunement that is posted as the FIRST post ever made on this site! 
  • Enjoy at your own pace the ORIGINAL Soul HOUSE SERIES with all the ORIGINAL attunements that were used in the book ATTUNEMENT, released July 31, 2018. 
  • Access to up to 20 "oldies but goodies" class meditations
  • 100's of patreon only posts 
  • DON'T forget to look up your PERSONAL RSS feed so that you can listen to all of the available posts via your podcast player from your mobile device or your computer.

OTHER ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO SPEND YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY -  This is Just an FYI -  There are 2 More $25 or less options! 

1.) I started a pay $2 dollars per post blog / vlog page at that I will be posting my new blog to.
On the pay per post sites you can buy what you want and leave the rest however it will end up costing you more if you end up wanting to get access to the amount of content I have on here. 

There is over 3 years worth of weekly classes and at at least one uploaded meditation that is PATREON only per month ...

2.) This is a lot to pass up but my suggestion is if you want all edited stuff, are okay with accessing content online for extended periods from your phone or computer, go pay $25 to sign up after a 14 day free trial on where I have my meditation and Intuition Development App located! 

Then subscribe for my other Pateron page and pick and choose what you want to download! 

This page is still better for the money you pay but I want you to know that you NOW know all your options!
DIY Intuition Student
Limited (97 remaining)
per month
  • Access to all Meditation archives (over 200+ from live classes and professionally recorded Hay House Meditations)
  • Access to all the Radio shows with a focus on the meditations in the shows. MOST are AMAZING! !
  • You will not be getting any personal healing from me one on one like the Intuition Live Students but there is programming in all posts after 2017 that allow for the meditation to actually clear you if you are listening to them and not even actively doing them.
  • This tier does not qualify for the FREE app (25 dollar value) 
  • This tier gets 50% off class on Wednesday nights (reg price $25) but the day time Development groups during the week are NOT included in the discount the way they are with the 150 dollar tier. 

Note from Marisa :

IF YOU HAVE the WILL POWER to be a DIY (do it YOURSELF) student I would DO IT! I personally need the push and to be held accountable for things I don't like but I cant get enough of this stuff so this is the tier I would LOVE.. 

If you are not a social person this is also perfect!  I never wanted to use my name or talk to ANYONE when I joined online groups... I am somewhat different now.

We are always here to answer questions and meet any concerns you may have so please DO NOT hesitate to reach out... I am not too busy for you... YOU are still one of my student and I treasure that! <3




Hi! Welcome to Discover Intuition's Patreon site.  We are not for profit and use a large % of the pledges as financial aide to new or old students who would like to learn but don't have the means.  This site is meant to be less interactive and more of an archive/membership site for Intuition Students to use as a tool to learn about connecting to their higher self guides, and teachers and MOST importantly to get REAL LIVE teachings that are not outdated (if they are outdated we take them down) 

You can be assured that if you go onto any of the videos or audios that they will be relevant and you do not need to worry about any of the teachings taking you backward in your develpment.

This is first and foremost a site that promotes the idea of Spiritual Development through the clearing of past stuff free from the need of having to go through it and dredge up old stuff emotions.  We want everyone to be in a state of healing so I do a healing on everyone that is ANY tier level Pareon once a month the other tiers above 100 get healing anywhere from weekly to daily! 

THERE is ALOT of info in this site the easiest thing to do is go back to the FIRST post and start there then maybe take one of the series of classes like the quantum time travel or our chakra series to develop yoru spiritual abilities. The cool thing is where ever you go you will find the perfect thing as I can watch the same class 15 times and hear something different each time! AND I was the one that taught it! lol!
So enjoy and THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT in making the world a better place starting with HEALING yourself! 

God bless, Marisa

214 of 500 patrons
When I reach 500 Patreons I will hire someone to post on Patreon daily!  I REALLY REALLY want you to KNOW how much I am here for you but sometimes just can't get to a computer to stream video or sit down and type up a post! I have 100's of 1/2 written posts where I am just checking in saying Hi offering my energetic support that never got posted.  I can't afford at the moment to hire someone to do this but when we reach 500 people I will be able to! So let's all help to build this community so that it can be an influence on more than just the HARD core students... I want to bring lighter less informative but more experiential posts to you each day... there just isn't enough time in a day to do this on my own! Thank you for your support I SO appreciate every single one of you and know and see your higher selves in my healings I do for all the patrons even just the followers that do not have a tier level get a little something...  The reason?  I do this to bring the frequency of forgiveness to the world the way Christ has said in our sessions that he intended and then human-ness and the church messed up a little bit when they threw in all the guilt stuff and wiped all the forgiveness out.  Ooopsie! lol! But that's okay becuase our soul group (if you are reading this you are a part of it) is here to change that! 
Most healers do it to spread LIGHT or LOVE but you can't have either if you feel guilty or less than or anything other than in alignment with the Grace of God and that comes from FORGIVING yourself and others, and that is why I believe we are here!  See you around!  Love always, Marisa :) 
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