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Awaken - Intuition TV
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Take a Peek around and see what we are all about... For ONE whole dollar you can enjoy over 30 posts with meditations, lessons, some Radio shows and Marisa's Podcasts. 

Make sure to look for your RSS feed address to have the posts fed directly into your RSS player!  (the address should be on your home page) 

PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO scroll all the way to the FIRST post and do the Higher Self attunement and lesson that will teach you to communicate with your Higher Self and get answers to any question you ask using yes no answers. 

Helping Hands (Get approval first!)
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This is a discontinued tier... too many were taking advantage I am sorry for those who were really working hard because now you will have to pay to get back into the other tiers.....  We have 27 people on this tier and 3 people who are actually producing the work they were asked to do which allowed free access to 123 weeks of classes and meditations in addition to 6 workshops, 5 q and A channeling events and over 100 meditations and exercises.... It only takes about an hour for me to listen to 30 minutes of a class and pull from it 5 quotes or one clip of audio or a video to use for marketing or to put on the app.  I am patient and I am generous but this is to the point of me being a fool and I don't want to be mistaken for that.  

If you are REALLY working and doing stuff then you can log your hours and then apply them as intuition dollars with workshops or even a session for me.  My cut of sessions is 50% so that is all I can discount... so if it's a 600 dollar session I can accept 300 in intuition dollars!  Same with the other girls! That means you could get a one hour session with a healer for 100 plus your intuition bucks or a 125 chaneling session with me for 30 minutes!  It's a great deal! 

Intuition Live TV - Live Readings
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Audio Archives for classes and radio shows in addition to countless meditations and exercises. 

  • Did you miss me on Hay House last week? Catch the radio shows here. (Archive of all past shows with unique lessons and meditations go to and sign up. Free for 14 days!
  • ACCESS to chat in YOUTUBE for Intuition Live TV
  • Access to up to 20 "oldies but goodies" class meditations

  • Enjoy at your own pace the ORIGINAL Soul HOUSE SERIES with all the ORIGINAL attunements that were used in the book Attunement, released July 31, 2018. 
Retired Student Tier
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per month

This tier is for people who watch the replay and do not come to class live.  

This tier also includes one entry into the contest to win a free 2 minute speed reading on live stream or an answer to ANY ONE question you have for yyour Higher Self, Christ, or The guides and "God".

  • UPDATE!! 

I HEAL ALL OF YOU IN THIS TIER EVERY WEEK NO MATTER WHAT.... no emailing required anymore.  Just email [email protected] to let me  know you are starting the meditation and I can check with in 24 hour of that time to MAKE SURE the healing took place and was effective in going into your field based on what I did on ou live during class then asked the guides to hold it outside your field until you called upon it in the meditation. 

After 2 years of doing this I KNOW this step is NOT required but I remain skeptical and refuse to be a fraud so I MAKE SURE you are healed because that is what you are paying for! 

I ALWAYS double and triple check and make sure you are sparkly and clean for the 3 days after you send the email I am kind of OCD about it .... hence the need to limit the amount of participants allowed in these "heal me later" tiers or ALL my time would be spent UNPRESENT with my kiddos and hubs and other clients and the other work I am doing..... it's not hard on my body it just makes me leave and then I can't do anything else effectively but its worth it to KNOW you are scrubbed down! :) 

Also includes access to all Patron-Only Posts 

Access to everything Tier 2 has access to ($25 dollar value) 

RETIRED - Grandfathered Tier 4
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per month

Golden Girls.... errrr I mean Golden  Tier.... hahaa!  You are old timers.... you still get to come to class for $1 but no more house clearings for free and you will only have access to the last 2 weeks of classes. 

If you cannot come to class Live you NEED to go to the link on to sign up to be on the free healing list so  that I can do your healing and you can have it activated AFTER class  when you listen to class the next day or sometime through out the week.   This is the ONLY way I can know who to heal and who not to heal while  out of body. 

For access to an entire ARCHIVE of classes sign up for $25 a month to  Access the app at OR sign up for the $150 dollar  tier as they will still have access to all the classes since I started  on patreon. 

JUST TO BE CLEAR YOU WILL HAVE the ability to request your healing at the time of listening to meditation by emailing me at [email protected] but only if you signed up on the list of healings for free on my website (this will be created before the 13th of Feb)

Technically, the email to [email protected] to let me know you are starting the meditation does invoke the healing that I have already done on you and everyone else live during class on BUT I am skeptical so I ALWAYS double and triple check and make sure you are sparkly and clean.... hence the need to limit the amount of participants allowed in these "heal me later" tiers. 

This tier also includes one entry into the contest to win a free 2 minute speed reading on live stream.

Also includes access to all Patron-Only Posts 

Access to everything Tier 1 and 2 has access to ($125 dollar value) 

Intuition 101- YouTube Life Stream
Limited (993 remaining)
per month

NEW : 1 entry per week into the contest for a free channeled message from your guides based on a question you submit at the time that we call the winner each time!

While you wait to see Marisa for a session or one of our other AMAZING healers or practitioners we have some entertainment for you!  Free access to Intuition Live TV as well as the Intuition Life Stream Chat that runs concurrently with the live broadcasts each day where by Marisa or any of the Intuitives that work with Intuition will be doing readings, commentary based on Psychic impressions, clairvoyant narrations of the energy in the videos or audios being played, and so much more.  

In this tier you will have access to the link that will take you into the Private Life Stream Chat so that you will have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers to things you have wanted to know for ages as long as you are logged in while the video is airing.  Otherwise you will have access to the archives of all classes as well as their rebroadcast that is played on Thursdays at 1 pm pacific with Intuitive Commentary in the Life Stream Chat.  

For those who are wanting a session : 

Congrats you are a student of Intuition now! Marisa only works with students and does a full evaluation to determine what is best for you at this time. If you would like a session please email [email protected] and ask for an application so that we can be sure that we get from your guides the exact service or reading that you need at this time. 

A form will be sent to you to fill out with your name and DOB and reason for session.  Marisa will review and then her and her guides will make their  suggestion on what they think you need. 

THE FOLLOWING PRICES ALREADY REFLECT the 100 dollar that you paid when signing up for this tier! 

1) Reading / Mediumship only (250) 

2.) Etheric Surgery (200)

2) Reading and Healing with Marisa one on one (600)

3) Healing by Marisa, channeled message from Marisa followed by Q and A/Psychic reading with assistant healer. (400) 

4.) Referral to a Healer with Specialized Modality not offered at Intuition (TBD depending on person referred to) 

5.) Session with someone who works here with Me that the guides recommend. (200) 

Inside Source Live Stream Students
Limited (20 remaining)
per month

Wednesday night meditation for $10 (Class is $30/week)

Access to the recordings from all Wednesday Night Classes since July 2017.

Access to rebroadcasts to begin August 2019 on Thursdays with commentary chat stream and ability to ask questions. (no guarantee there will be an answer every time) 

Access to everything lower Tiers have including access to all Patron-Only Posts which totals over 200 meditations. 

Email [email protected] if you do not plan to be at class and would still like to receive healing when you listen to the posted class or the rebroadcast. 

Free house clearing each week or Hubby Scrubby BUT YOU NEED TO EMAIL ME BEFORE CLASS WITH ADDRESS OR SPOUSES NAME AND PERMISSION or I will not know to do it. 

After class if you were not live you MUST send another email to [email protected] to let me know you are doing the meditation. This email that you send automatically invokes the healing that I have already done on you and is sitting outside of your field. However I always recheck to make sure you are clear when I get your email.}

Diamond Club - Learn to do what I do!
per month

IT INCLUDES ALL OF TIER 5 stuff plus all content from Intuition Ministries (which will be selling for $1-10 each on the new Intuition Living patreon site)

Includes access to the monthly Q&A for $40 instead of $150, and all Tier 7 students will have their Questions answered.

All tier 7 get entered to win free channeled message throughout the month, we will do a drawing every Monday before filming content

60% off coupon code: buy any digital / downloadable files on for 60% off

Exclusive Sticker
Fulfilled by Patreon
Intuition Sticker that will clear your energy as well!
Ships to US, Canada, and Australia

About Marisa Moris

Hi! Welcome to my Patreon site where I do free readings for my students through contests and sometimes I just surprise everyone and get on live stream and share new tips or lessons that have just been channeled by my guides through me here at home or during a session! I LOVE THIS community!!

I am also in the process of creating a new TV network where everyone who does a show is clairvoyant our goal is to bring to all of the people who can not see the energetic realms a look at the unseen realities that effect us MORE than the stuff that we can see and most don't even have any idea that they exist! It is set up much like netflix on

I have tried to keep things simple with the tiers but it still tends to be confusing so please check out my video below!  (a new one coming soon!)

If you have questions please contact me, [email protected], [email protected] or reach out to [email protected] at the office.  Our office number is 760-412-7621 and during business hours there is usually someone who can get back to you, text is always best if you can send one before calling please do!

47% complete
When I reach 500 Patreons I will hire someone to post on Patreon daily!  I REALLY REALLY want you to KNOW how much I am here for you but sometimes just can't get to a computer to stream video or sit down and type up a post! I have 100's of 1/2 written posts where I am just checking in saying Hi offering my energetic support that never got posted.  I can't afford at the moment to hire someone to do this but when we reach 500 people I will be able to! So let's all help to build this community so that it can be an influence on more than just the HARD core students... I want to bring lighter less informative but more experiential posts to you each day... there just isn't enough time in a day to do this on my own! Thank you for your support I SO appreciate every single one of you and know and see your higher selves in my healings I do for all the patrons even just the followers that do not have a tier level get a little something...  The reason?  I do this to bring the frequency of forgiveness to the world the way Christ has said in our sessions that he intended and then human-ness and the church messed up a little bit when they threw in all the guilt stuff and wiped all the forgiveness out.  Ooopsie! lol! But that's okay becuase our soul group (if you are reading this you are a part of it) is here to change that! 
Most healers do it to spread LIGHT or LOVE but you can't have either if you feel guilty or less than or anything other than in alignment with the Grace of God and that comes from FORGIVING yourself and others, and that is why I believe we are here!  See you around!  Love always, Marisa :) 
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