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About Discovering with Dave H

Hi, I'm Dave H. I'll let you decide what the "H" stands for. You may know me from previous, awesome hashtags, such as:


I mean, it's highly unlikely, but... you never know!

I recently relocated to Japan, to follow my dreams of experiencing the best of the weird and wonderful that Japan has to offer, along with living an everyday life. And I'd like to bring you along for the ride!

I don't wanna be just another JVlogger, so I wanted to try something a little different.

My goal is to visit at least one district in each of the 23 Wards of Tokyo. The catch? I want to do the Wards in alphabetical order! So here's where I rely on you guys... Whilst I can't change the order in which the Wards will be visited, I can let you guys decide which districts I visit, and in what order! You will also be able to make requests for specific location visits, and even things for me to do while I'm there!

If the 23 Wards of Tokyo experiment works out well, I will expand the programme to include the further reaches of Tokyo, and even possibly further afield!

All content will be published on my YouTube channel, via my Samsung Galaxy S9+, and will be in the Live format initially. Once I get the hang of it, I will probably invest in proper kit for recording/editing content down the line. Honestly, I think that the spontaneous nature of the Live format will work out quite well. It will allow my Patrons to interact with me directly during broadcasting, which is always nice!

The reason for the Patreon? Simply put, getting around a metropolis such as Tokyo, whether on public transport, or my own car, is not cheap! You will be funding me to create content based on exactly what it is you want to see!

Disclaimer: I'm from a working-class town in the North East of England. There *will* be swears. You have been warned.
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