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Also, every Patron will get chunks of books, and, hopefully, with y'all's support, I can get them into full-length eBook and Print versions. That'd be awesome, wouldn't it? :)

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Updates (12/2019)::

OH, also, you all get to hear this first, but KINETICS, BOOK THREE will be released late January 2020!! Keep your eyes peeled for more info and details on promos in the coming weeks!

As of March 1st, 2019, ALL my drafts for all 5 KINETICS novels have been completed. Books #1 ("Kinetic Rebirth") and #2 ("Kinetic Memory") have been published already in Kindle and Print. Links are below. Book #3, titled "Kinetic History" is slated for a late January 2020 release, hopefully with Books #4 and #5 not too far behind!

Like I've mentioned before, being a self-pubbed author is wallet-killer. I'd like to be able to get enough money from patrons to finish releases for my main KINETICS storyline by December 12th, 2020. However, spare money from my wallet is virtually non-existent, due to lots of expenses ranging between debt, unexpected expenses, recovering from my recent wedding, and planning to buy out own place. At the rate I'm going, Book #5 (the final book in the MAIN series) might not be able to be released to the public until 2021, possibly 2022, and that breaks my heart. KINETICS is my passion project, my way of coping with loss and the massive depression as a result of that loss (I mention this below). Feeding off of her energy and spirit, this series has been the most productive years of my life in terms of writing and publishing, but the publishing half has shrunken to near non-existent. I've written over 1 million words since 2011, based on my comprehensive spreadsheet, but the words of this series dedicated to the one I lost create the favorite story I've ever written. I want the world to read them, to enjoy them, to have access to them, but I can't do that without some help.

In addition, I am embarking on a goal marathon I will be referring to as #Productivity2020, with a goal of attempting to write words as many days of the year as I can. I will be keeping myself accountable on my website/blog [[HERE]].

As I am pushing myself to venture deeper into the thick of authordom, I have adjusted and added certain reward tiers to reflect my #Productivity2020 goals and progress. Check out the tiers and see if any catch your eye. Even a $1 per month would be a GREAT HUGE help. 

Want to join the ride with me? I promise it will be worth it!


KINETICS, Books 1 AND 2 are now available for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and Print through Amazon! Links below!!


Hello, people of the Internet! My name's Christine, and I want to write stories. Fantastical stories that whisk you away from this world into another. It excites me that I'm taking this step, and would love for you all to join me!

While I work a day job (weirdly enough, with Microsoft Excel and databases), writing has always been my passion, my natural anti-depressant, my drive and motivation to create stories that whisk readers away to places unknown, and send them on thrilling journeys with the characters I have created.

However, writing and publishing, surprisingly costs money, money I currently do not have much to spare after insurance, debts, loans, living expenses, etc. Writing is a costly habit, but one that keeps me (slightly) calmer and sane. So, I reach out to you, potential Patrons, to ask for your aid in supporting my creative endeavors.

The money pledged is arranged to go into a bank account used solely for writing and publishing purposes. It funds everything from covers and layout designing, to ISBNs, convention supplies, and other various purchases that will make a writing career on top of a day job a lot easier.

Eventually, my Patrons will get the chance to read a serialized storylines, one that, once it finishes exclusively here on Patreon, I will be looking into creating full-length eNBooks and Print copies, depending on how much y'all like them. :)

Patrons will also receive news before the general public, as well as a bunch of cool perks, such as contributing to Q&A’s, help me when I need advice/knowledge for projects, getting printed versions of my short stories, and even a signed, personalized copy of one of my full-length books, mailed directly to you with love. Also, Patrons will get snippets of WIPs, coupons for free short stories, serials, and novellas, sneak peeks at final drafts, cover reveals earlier than the public, and also information that the public won’t know of for a good while.

My dream of being an author is an on-going journey, and I’d like to take you all on a wild ride with me. I will continue to write stories on as long as people will be reading them. All I have to do is keep asking: "What If?"

My journey as an author and writer has only just begun. If you wish to join me on this rollercoaster that is my writing career, consider pledging even a dollar a month. Every bit counts! I've got decent milestones to accomplish, which will benefit you, me, and the rest of my patrons. And, even if you can't spare the money, please just share this page with people you know. Word of mouth is my best friend at this point in my career.

With your support, maybe, just maybe, I will finally feel like my writing is making an impact.

Thanks, guys, and "Keep Faith"!


***NOTE: When you pledge, you get access to my Patron-only stream. My Patrons receive updates, cover reveals, and new material before the general public, plus portion-sized chunks of books on a regular basis, hopefully resulting in physical and full-length eBook copies some time down the road!! So, if you'd like to be among the few amazing people helping to keep this journey going, it's not without perks.***


My currently published works:

KINETIC TRAGEDY (a KINETICS short prequel) [Free eBook Download]
KINETIC REBIRTH (KINETICS, Book One) [Kindle/KU / Print]
KINETIC MEMORY (KINETICS, Book Two) [Kindle/KU / Print]
KINETIC HISTORY (KINETICS, Book Three) :: Late January 2020 release (hopefully)

Tales of Terrara Vikos
website link]
#1-Cross of Faith [Kindle Smashwords / B&N]
#2-Trees In The Storm [Kindle Smashwords / B&N]
#3-Blood On a Broken Hand [Kindle Smashwords / B&N]
#4-Warped Destinies [Kindle Smashwords / B&N]

The Chaos Accounts
website link]
>>>>>THE CHAOS ACCOUNTS saga is now entirely dedicated to my best friend, beta reader, and coauthor (on another project), Jessica (I call her JV on my Youtube Channel, "RandomChrissy"). She was a bright light that was extinguished too soon. In her memory, every story will have a different dedication, as I strive to never let her memory die, and to forever immortalize her, because she deserves every bit of recognition I can give her. She motivated me to continue writing, and I will, because that's what she'd want me to do. Miss you, girlie.
Thank you for being a part of my life.<<<<<

Account #1: Account of Anxiety:: [Kindle / Smashwords / B&N]
Account #2: Account of Unrest:: [Kindle / Smashwords / B&N]
Account #3: Account of Friendship:: [Kindle / SmashwordsB&N]
Account #4: Account of Secrets:: [Kindle / Smashwords / B&N]
Account #5: Account of Risks:: [Kindle / Smashwords / B&N]
Collection #1: The Wolf Pack - Accounts #1-5
::   [Print] (Digital versions soon)
Account #6: TBD:: (Coming Soon! WiP) [Kindle / Smashwords / B&N ]


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