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The Normal

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Official patron status. This means you'll get access to my patron-only feed, a sign-up link for my newsletter, AND my endless appreciation for joining my team. PLUS, you will receive a code for a f...

The Semi-Normal

$2 /mo
All $1 rewards, plus periodic Q&A sessions with me that you can contribute questions too. These could be in a number of places, such as my blog, Twitter, Facebook, or even Youtube!

The Obviously Different

$4 /mo
All the $3 rewards, plus Patron-only live chat with all you awesome $4+ patrons! Also included is a hand-signed thank you, delivered via regular mail from mwah. ;) As well as small snippets of curr...

The Remarkable

$4 /mo
This reward level gives access to my Exclusive Decisive Makers group,  where you could help me make decisions on a currently running work, give input or knowledge when I have questions, and maybe e...

The Ascential

$5 /mo
All $4 "Obviously Different" rewards, but you will also receive a SIGNED PRINT COPY of "THE VIKAN QUARTET", a Tales of Terrara Vikos collection!

The Radically Different

$6 /mo
All $5 rewards, plus accessed to unfinished/cut scenes and exclusive content. This includes rough draft sections of the most recent stories, only available in the $6+ patron feed! PLUS, a print cop...

The Kinetic

$7 /mo
This reward tier includes all $6 "The Radically Different" rewards, but also includes a eBook copy of "Kinetic Rebirth", my ultimate dedication to JV, when I take that book onto wide distribution. :D

The Channeler

$9 /mo
All $7 "The Kinetic" rewards tier, except, instead of an eBook copy of "Kinetic Rebirth", you will receive a SIGNED, PRINT COPY!!! (Once you've been a Patron for at least 3 months)

The Slightly Gifted

$12 /mo
All $9 rewards, plus I will ship you a chapbook of a short story of your choosing, signed and personalized by mwah. You may withhold picking one until you know the one you like best. I've got a goo...

The Meta

$25 /mo
All above rewards, plus a free, signed PHYSICAL copy of my debut novel, "THE PROTEKTOR'S REALITY", sent to the address of your choice. I can even personalize it! LIMITED QUANTITY as of right now. (...

The Smoke Soldier

$30 /mo
All rewards from "The Meta" tier, but also includes copies of the first 2 books in my KINETICS series, "Kinetic Rebirth" & "Kinetic Memory", both now available! Did I mention PHYSICAL, SIGNED C...