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Dish Generator is a tool to aid and spark the creativity of cooks by randomly populating components for dishes. An old French formula of cooking says a well-rounded dish is composed of a starch, a vegetable, a protein and a sauce. Dish Generator, without biases, will give you combinations for dish ideas. 

If you're a chef in fine dining, as I have been, this tool isn't going to be exactly the item descriptions you'll put on your menu. Dish Generator will certainly help you brainstorm concepts that you may not have otherwise considered. I've found over 10 years of cooking that more things go well together than don't. It's up to the cook apply practiced technique, a trained palate for seasoning, and intuition.

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Dish Generator FREE to use; I hope to find that other fellow cooks use it and are INSPIRED to CREATE new and interesting dishes. 
By becoming a patron, you'll help ensure that I break even on this project and am able to make more brainstorming tools! (I'll make a little money from affiliate links to books and tools I recommend)

I made this tool to scratch my own itch; It'll help create dishes in my new professional ventures as a food writer and personal chef. My next goal is to create an expansion; Salad Generator (leafy green, nut/crunch, fruit, veg, vinaigrette/sauce)! After that a Dessert Generator will probably be a lot of fun!
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We'll design a version of Dish Generator for Salads with the components: Leafy Green, Vegetable, Nut/Crunch, Fruit, Vinaigrette/Sauce
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