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About Disroot.org

Disroot is a platform providing online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization.

**No tracking, no ads, no profiling, no data mining!

By running Disroot we hope to change how people typically interact on the web. We want to encourage people to break free of the walled gardens of popular software and turn to open and ethical alternatives, may it be on our platform or on another (or you could even host host them yourself).
Together we can form a network that is truly independent, focused on the benefit of the people rather then the exploitation thereof.

disroot.org is run by volunteers and offers all the services free of charge. We do not collect information to sell to advertising companies or government agencies. Thus we must rely on donations and support from users of the services and the community. If you would like to keep the project going and create space for potential new users, you can use Patreon or any other method given here to make a financial contribution.

By regular supporters we think of those who contribute the equivalent of at least one cup of coffee a month.
It is not that we are promoting coffee, on the contrary - coffee is actually quite the symbol for exploitation and inequality so we thought that it is a good way to let people measure themselves how much they can give.

Please take time to consider your contribution. If you can 'buy' us one cup of Rio De Janeiro coffee a month that's OK, but If you can afford one Double Decaf Soy Frappuccino With An Extra Shot And Cream a month, then you can really help us keep the Disroot platform running and make sure it is available for free for other people with less means.

We found this list of coffee cup prices around the world, it might not be very accurate, but it gives a good indication of the different fares.

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