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About Magdalena and Noel

Magdalena (journalist) & Noel (photographer) work slow journalism to bring disruptive views on sensitive global issues.

We are Magdalena and Noel Rojo. Magdalena is a freelance journalist from Slovakia. Noel is a Mexican-American freelance photographer. We have been traveling the world together for the last three years, covering sensitive global issues, such as migration, change in societies, human condition, women rights, and sustainable traveling for media in various countries.

We search for remote places to give a voice to the unheard in the mainstream media.
We bring new, disruptive views to challenge a common narrative. 
We travel sustainably and through our texts and photos, we inspire others to do so. 

Women Who Stay

Currently, we are working on a global, long-term project Women Who Stay. We give a voice to women who stay in their countries of origin while their family members migrate. The idea of the project is to bring a complex view on migration, as the media usually cover stories of migrants, often overlooking women who stay who also form an integral part of the migration process. 

We work slow journalism, staying in the field long enough to understand different cultures and contexts. We have been collecting stories of women on four different continents to find what connects us all when it comes to the migration issue. We lived with Mexican women in their houses in indigenous communities, we stayed in Senegalese villages affected by climate change, and we also interviewed women who stayed (and those who migrated themselves) in Ethiopia. We were sharing a porch with a few Indian families, and did a road trip to the country sides of Transylvania and Eastern Slovakia in the search of women who stay. Yet, this project is far from the end. 

Meanwhile spending our time in different parts of the world, collecting stories, we are also putting articles together, writing a book, organising photo exhibitions, and giving speeches about what we have seen in the field.  

Be part of our journey!

We love what we do. With every other interview conducted, with every new place visited and with every different point of view discovered, we know we are on the right path. We do not aspire to change the world, but we do desire to bring information, voices and stories that are neglected, yet  are the key to understand the global world we live in

After some time, however, we realised that no matter how excited we are about our work, getting to the places that cannot be reached via Skype from an office in Europe or the US, requires more money than we are able to earn by publishing the stories we collect. The field work is usually on our own expenses, but when we are in the field, we are not able to produce material and sell it. Most of the times the conditions in the places where we work do not allow us to connect to the internet or to gather energy to be creative. We usually put all the words and pictures together once we get back from the field. Also, slow journalism and production of long-form articles demand time, and yes, we live in a world where time means money.  This is why we are offering you to become part of our Patreon community!

We invite you to join us on this exciting and adventurous journey through off the beaten path and forgotten places of our beautiful planet! 

You will get a unique chance to learn how it is to be a freelancer bringing information from the field in developing countries. You will get a chance to learn more about responsible travel. You will become part of our meaningful projects! This way, you will also support journalism that is being lost in the fast, click-based era we live in.  

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Did you know that a fixer (a person that helps with translation and arrangements) in Senegal asks for $200 per day? With this amount, we can interview women in remote areas where we do not speak their language. We will record a "thank you" video for you all from the field!
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