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About Matt Ward

We launched The Disruptors in May of 2018 to shift the public conversation to a better future. Between climate change, healthcare costs, surveillance capitalism and AI-driven unemployment, we face a huge (and growing) number of challenges this century. To survive and thrive will take tremendous effort and collaboration of our best and brightest scientists, entrepreneurs, politicians, philosophers, economists, etc...

The podcast features long-form TED level conversations with top thinkers, founders and scientists on how advances in biotech & genomics, space travel, IoT, AI and other exponential tech converge to create our collective future and what we can do, from a research and policy perspective to shape the trends, technologies and societal norms for a better world.

The beauty of a podcast is others can listen to these conversations whenever and wherever they want - education is empowerment and breaks down barriers between us.

But to devote the necessary time to this work—and to expand the range of what we can do in this medium—the podcast MUST become a reliable source of income.

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Patrons who pledge $5/mo or more unlock bonus episodes and content not published in the main podcast feed + 3 BONUS QUESTIONS FOR EVERY INTERVIEW.

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We really need your support to continue bringing voices and perspectives from the world’s smartest and most forward-thinking scientists, startup founders, investors and policymakers. Consider donating to help promote our vision of abundance and a better world for all - all for less than a cup of coffee or your monthly Netflix bills.

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I’m tremendously honored to have a community of people who value what we do. I look forward to changing the world, together.

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Your support enables us to push for better futures on three frontiers:
1. Educating the public on risks and rewards of arising technologies
2. Selectively advancing technologies, trends and research initiatives
3. Creating a longer term, more abundant narrative for our collective future

At The Disruptors we believe long term mindsets = abundance and short term mindsets = scarcity. The entire political and economic structures of today are unfortunately built upon scarcity, yet we are getting closer and closer to an abundant-for-all future.


Our views of the world influence our actions and thus the state of the world. Gandhi said:

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Abundance is that change. A more happy and human-centric future is that change.

This is what we fight for at The Disruptors, making the world a better place by shifting our collective mindset. It is a bold and daring undertaking, and we need help. We cannot do it alone.

Please support us in our mission to change the world for the better

If you care about any of the objectives mentioned above, please support our efforts - you are deciding whether or not we can continue and how much of an impact we can make

Patrons who pledge $5/mo or more will unlock bonus episodes and content not published in the main podcast feed + 3 BONUS QUESTIONS FOR EVERY INTERVIEW.

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