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As a Supporting Member you have been enjoying our videos and just want to show your support so we can produce more of them. For this we truly thank you! To show you our appreciation and welcome you to the club, we also want to offer you:
  • access to the Patreon Feed to see members-only posts, bonus content and where we give first priority to our club members when responding to comments and questions.
  • Advanced Viewing of our YouTube videos, usually 5-7 days before uploading for public viewing.
  • Invitations to Meetups.
  • Membership Pin shipped to you (after supporting 4 consecutive videos). Coming soon!
  • Monthly Desktop Background - breathtakingly beautiful images of exotic sailing destinations sent to you for inspiration.

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Welcome aboard and sincere thanks! We suspect you've been a longtime supporter and maybe own some of our videos on DVD (or, gasp, even VHS tape!). If so, thanks for being there for us then and now! Or maybe you've been watching Distant Shores episodes on television and are now enjoying our updates on YouTube. You want to be more involved and connected. We want to hear more about your plans and bet you have good ideas for future videos and blogs. We are looking forward to meeting you in person at meetups and showing your around our new boat.  

As a Social Member you will receive:

  • the same benefits as a supporting member - access to the Patreon Feed, Advanced Viewing of our latest YouTube videos, invitations to Meetups and monthly Desktop Background plus...

  • Membership Pin that will be shipped to you when you sign up, to be worn for access to club events and sometimes to receive special gifts when you attend those events.

  • 5% discount on club regalia (a.k.a "swag" such as crew shirts, hats, etc.). Coming soon!
  • Invitation to a Welcome Aboard Tour of Distant Shores III, our Southerly 480 sailboat. 

Intermediate Member

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Big thanks and huge hugs for joining the Distant Shores Cruising Club as an Intermediate Member! We are touched by your belief in us and look forward to having you more involved. You have probably been following our voyages and watching our videos for some time and know us well. We want to get to know you better and hear your opinions on future voyages and content. 

As an Intermediate Member you will receive:

  • the same benefits as Supporting Members and Social Members - access to the Patreon Feed, Advanced Viewing of our YouTube videos, invitations to Meetups, monthly Desktop Background and a Welcome aboard Tour plus...

  • Membership Pin shipped to you upon signing up. To be worn to gain access to club meetups and live events and to receive special gifts at some events.

  • 10% discount on club regalia (a.k.a "swag" such as crew shirts, hats, etc.). Coming soon!
  • Invitations to scheduled Sundowners on Distant Shores III, our Southerly 480 sailboat.
  • Code for FREE HD download of our latest season of Distant Shores sailing adventure TV series (13 half-hour episodes) or the season of your choice on Vimeo on Demand to complete your collection.

  • BONUS: The first 50 people to sign up as Intermediate Members get a code for HD downloads for all 10 seasons of the Distant Shores TV!
  • A Personal Thank You Video.

  • Monthly Q&A's answering the questions you submit in advance.



About Distant Shores TV

Thanks for visiting our Patreon Page!

Patreon is the platform we've chosen for the Distant Shores Cruising Club, the membership site for fans and followers of the Distant Shores sailing adventure TV series and Distant Shores YouTube Channel plus anyone dreaming of sailing off into the sunset aboard their own boat someday.

If you’re looking for inspiration, information or ways to build your sailing skills while in the planning stages of your own future adventures, you’ve come to the right place!

Let's Get Together!
We’re Paul and Sheryl Shard, hosts of Distant Shores and we have been cruising and living aboard for 30 years. Yes, that's three decades! Time flies when you're having fun. We first set sail from Toronto, Canada, in September 1989 on a 2-year sabbatical and are still cruising...Over that time, we’ve sailed 110,000 miles including 9 ocean crossings aboard the four different sailboats we’ve built, or had built, and have visited countries in the Caribbean and Bahamas, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East as well as North and South America.

We have a wealth of knowledge we want to share with you about living on and traveling the world aboard a sailboat so that we can help you to confidently live your dreams of sailing away to distant shores too.

How We Fund Our Voyages and Video Productions
Until now, we have been earning our living to fund our voyages and video production costs through public speaking, conducting cruising seminars, consulting, product sponsorship and by documenting our adventures in books, magazine articles and in the award-winning sailing travel shows we produced for television. (We’re the proud two-time winners of the Worldfest Film and Video Production Award for Best Sailing and Watersport Documentary.) 

Since not everyone could get the television channels our shows were broadcast on, we initially started supplementing our income by selling the shows on VHS tapes (yep, we go way back!), then DVDs and HD downloads so that enthusiastic sailors could see the programs and use them for research or just to escape the work-a-day blues. This was in the days before YouTube even existed!

(BTW all 130 half-hour episodes of the Distant Shores sailing adventure TV series are available in the Distant Shores online store at distantshores.ca or you can get them as free gifts when you join the Distant Shores Cruising Club as an Intermediate Member, Senior Member or VIP Member. (See the list of benefits for each Tier of membership.) 

YouTube for Everyone
Now with the Distant Shores YouTube Channel, we can reach everyone with internet access and create videos covering in-depth topics about the cruising lifestyle in beautiful locations with need-to-know information specifically for sailors. Since our broadcast television shows had to entertain a mass audience, mostly non-sailors, the focus had to be on travel.

We want to make more sailing-specific YouTube videos for our enthusiastic followers and directed at the sailing community that we love and are a part of, especially so that we can take you along on our upcoming voyage to islands of the South Pacific this winter.

But in order for us to produce more videos for YouTube, we need to reduce the time we currently have to spend on other projects. So here's our idea:

Join the Club
This is where joining the Distant Shores Cruising Club on Patreon can really help us. In turn, we will have the opportunity to help you more and be able to connect with you more directly than ever before. We'll do this through...
  • advanced access to our latest YouTube videos
  • bonus videos such as behind-the-scenes, extended scenes and outtakes
  • meetups and club member-only special events
  • polls so you can help plan Distant Shores content and influence our cruising destinations
  • personalized video messages and postcards
  • Live Chats and Q&A’s
  • club member-only tutorials
  • Welcome Aboard Parties on Distant Shores III
  • one-on-one consultation for those planning their own voyages
  • sailing opportunities
And, yes, there will be Distant Shores Cruising Club swag for all our members. Coming soon!

Will you join us and help with upcoming voyages?

We thank you for considering.

But rest assured, if membership is not for you, we will continue to offer all our regular YouTube videos FREE to everyone on the Distant Shores YouTube Channel. Your comments and sharing help us a lot.

However, if you would like to get more involved, get to know us better and receive the perks and benefits of joining our club, we'd be delighted! We invite you to check out the Distant Shores Cruising Club membership information.

A few notes:
  • Pledges are per video however you can set a maximum monthly dollar amount in case we go on a video uploading spree :-)
  • We'll do our best to upload 2 videos per month until, with your support, we'll be able to let go of some of our other commitments and be in a position to upload 4 videos per month. That's one of our goals!
  • Thanks again for taking the time to look this over and for considering club membership.

See you on the water!

Sheryl and Paul
S/V Distant Shores III
59 of 100 patrons
Sailors have a fascination and respect for life beneath the sea on well as life on the ocean waves. Many of you have told us that you discovered Distant Shores flipping channels and stopping at the awe-inspiring footage of marine life that we include in many of our videos. Our underwater camera and lighting equipment needs upgrading. We're heading for the South Pacific this winter and want to beautifully capture the magic of the reefs there for you. With 100 pledges we can start making improvements. Again, we thank you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 173 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 173 exclusive posts

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