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if you buy this tier, you get a custom rank on my discord along with access to secret patreon videos on development of the game.

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if you buy this tier, you get your name in the credits, custom rank in my discord and THE BETA FOR THE GAME FREE!

Actually legendary!
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if you buy this tier, you get a shoutout in videos about this game (and trailers). A custom rank on the discord. Access to private patreon chats in the discord with secret reveal trailers. AND THE GAME FOR FREE (on release it will be 15$), you will also receive all DLC for the game which could be around 25$ (5$ per chapter in the DLC) and beta access!




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Distopi game about the future (well technically the past but it’s actually the future) where the planet stopped moving in the 80’s due to climate change and other issues, the world is technically in 2040 but everything is retrowave/vaporware (the game is 2D) and stars the main character (name is River but technically unnamed or un-gendered as the player chooses that) who slowly gets more depressed as the planet goes more towards death. Then suddenly humans develop abilities. The main character develops one capable of saving the world.

You can join the server at: https://discord.link/distopi I hope you are interested! :D

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