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Every dollar counts and for every $2 donated, you are helping get $60 worth of aid into the field!

We will post photos, videos, educational resources, and inspiring stories from the refugee aid groups we support around Europe.

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We can’t do this alone, so having a few on-site volunteers brings the people-power we need to reach out and support aid groups across Europe.

$5 a month pays for a day of volunteer housing in Belgrade. To say thank you, one of our on-site volunteers will send you a postcard every now and again to let you know what they’ve been up to.

You'll get: A personal postcard from one of our on-site volunteers twice a year.

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Now that our software is live we need to maintain domain names, servers, back-ups, monitoring, and more.

$20 covers one of our servers or software subscriptions for that month, which, as a tech organisation is crucial. As a thanks, you will get recognition on our official website, acknowledging your regular contribution to what we do. 

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  • A personal postcard from one of our on-site volunteers twice a year.
  • Access to our exclusive Patreon feed



About Distribute Aid

Our Mission

Distribute Aid is a non-profit NGO, focusing on the logistics side of the humanitarian response to the vast increase of those seeking safety in Europe since 2015. The step between collecting donations and distributing to those who need them is often overlooked and complicated. Distribute Aid aims to increase the efficiency and impact of on-the-ground organisations by helping them collaborate on aid shipments, and handle complex aid planning, shipping, and distribution.

By using our extensive network, Distribute Aid has been able to help implement better emergency response planning to several humanitarian emergencies. This year, we were able to secure 5 Million masks as well as other PPE resources and implement a plan for storage and distribution for displaced people across Greece. This has provided more security to some of the most vulnerable people in Greece, as with any outbreak of COVID-19 there is immediate access to the necessary PPE to help slow its spread. We have also been able to keep the route of donations open to displaced people in North France, despite the challenges caused by COVID restrictions which saw a huge drop in support for people there.

In the long-term, Distribute Aid is developing an online platform for grassroots refugee aid groups. The platform features different tools for groups to use and aims to increase their efficiency and impact by helping them manage their inventories, collaborate on aid shipments, connect with other groups, and share knowledge.

Our co-founders, Sara Lonegard and Taylor Fairbank, have spent extensive time volunteering within the refugee aid sector. In the summer of 2018 they travelled to 7 different countries across Europe, meeting over 30 refugee aid groups. During this time, the organisations they met identified inefficiencies in collecting and shipping humanitarian aid as a major problem that prevented aid groups from reaching their full potential. This research determined the need to implement a logistical solution and, from this, Distribute Aid was established.

Your Support

By becoming a Distribute Aid patron you will support our team, help us continue to develop the Distribute Aid platform, and join a community of people who care about people on the move. As a Patron, your contribution will allow for the sustainable development and long-term continuation of the organisation. This includes paying for servers, databases, and necessary design and development tools. Patron funding also lets us provide accommodation on site at our HQ in Belgrade. We are a volunteer team, so this minimises personal costs and allows us to work full time on Distribute Aid projects. Most importantly, all of this means that refugee aid groups will be able to use our tools for free, increasing their reach and impact.

Truly, thank you for your support. Together we can build critical infrastructure to help displaced people around the world.

Distribute Aid is a registered Swedish non-profit: # 802521-4456

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Our next goal is to provide accommodation for our volunteers at our HQ in Belgrade, Serbia. We have a team of 4 full-time people on site, and expect to maintain those positions in the future. No one on the Distribute Aid team is paid a salary, so this will help offset the personal cost of volunteering. It means that our volunteers are less stressed, and can stay longer in these important roles!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts

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