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Hello fantastical persons! Welcome to my Patreon, where you can make the executive decision to help support my eratic web comic, Dive.
Dive is a webcomic about a group of unpredictable maniacs who work in a pub called The Bunghole.
The work covers whatever I'm thinking about when I sit at my computer, so it's a cacophony of emotional cataclysms. 

By supporting it, you will get in return:

Succulent rewards! Like early viewings, behind the scenes stuff and influence on the writing. 

The undying love and eternal gratitude of an intellectually questionable cartoonist!

Warm fuzzies and imaginary kittens! (this is my favourite).

The money goes toward uploading more material (more comics per week) and eventually creating an animated web series.
Thank you for reading and I hope you find what you're looking for!

With Love Immortal,
Jesse Koan Smith
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You'll get your laughs throughout the drudgery of the work week!
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