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About Divine Owlmom

Greetings minions, muses, and owlets!

You know me best as Diana, Divinatas or just plain old Owlmom. Deep within the black hole of my little owl heart I have a passion. Like the ancient muses that came before me, I write, draw, collect, and sprinkle glitter across the galaxy to help inspire the creative spirit. Since 2001 I've hosted a series of website communities full of imaginative people looking for their kindred and a place to call home.

This hobby of mine is a labor of love – one I hope to keep doing forever! I have no current plans to run my collective as a business, nor do I like posting corporate ads or sponsorship, thus all costs come out of pocket. Alas, life occasionally likes to hit my house with Unexpected Disaster and we find ourselves in tricky financial situations. Mostly, I just need to feed hangry cats and make sure my house doesn't fall apart.

Thanks to my roving caravan of internet babbins, even during the darkest of times, I’ve been able to cover community costs without stress and occasionally even pay some bills during emergencies. Without your support I wouldn't be able to keep doing what I love and for that, not only am I eternally grateful, you always inspire me to keep doing more, to try harder, and to find ways I can make really awesome stuff for you!

Currently, I host and/or help maintain:

Space-Kitten.org – My personal blog and portfolio, including shared projects.
MuseInspired.net – Writing prompts, guides, and inspiration.
MixVixen.org – Random generators for your writing projects.
IwakuRoleplay.com - A large roleplaying community forum.

Over the past fifteen years your contributions have helped pay the site bills during such catastrophes as:

- When the roof started leaking. Twice.
- When the fridge died.
- When the water heater died and flooded the living room with 40 gallons of water.
- When our vehicle died. THRICE.
- When our shower broke.
- When the garage door fell down.
- The mold from the leaky roof that is currently trying to kill us.
- Those unnecessary emergency room visits.
- When we take in homeless hobbits.
- That time a tornado ripped the siding off our house.
- That time a tornado knocked two trees on our house.
- Moving my parents across the country during a pandemic.
- Making my mom's room disabled friendly.

Thank you SO MUCH. REALLY.

If you'd like to keep up with our personal household adventures (or just want to see a lot of cat pictures and food), please follow me on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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