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"Tell your patrons why they should pledge to you"...

Well, I don't think I need to try and convince you with words but if you like what I do and want to help support my in making more videos then I welcome you to my family. Whether you choose to become a patron or not, I still love you all the same and I appreciate that you considered doing so nonetheless!

Patrons will get credit at the end of my videos as a small thank you for helping me to continue doing what I love doing.

PS: These donations are to improve the quality of everything that I make, be it Live Streams, YouTube videos, graphics.. Maybe you are a fan of one but not the others but, please, feel free to donate for the cause!
$0.89 of $100 per month
Cumulative donations of $100 will mean that I make a video just for you Patrons... I think you all know what it will include (much to my dismay!)
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