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About diyo games

Hello everyone, I am a video game developer, my last project, "space jumper" is a great platform game very innovative, challenging and fun.
Space jumper will have 36 levels, but our sponsors will receive 45 levels in the web version, as well as being the first to try the new mechanics added to the game.

We need help to finish and publish the game, as well as implement those exclusive features for our sponsors, we need to finish some of the graphics, improve the sounds, and publish the game on the web and other platforms.

The game works under multiple controls, keyboard / mouse, tactile events, and joystick, it will be available for xbox as well.

Our enemies, the green walkers, yellow walkers and red walkers are little smarties and shoot fireballs in the head.

one takes away a life, another takes away the items collected, and other returns you at the beginning, can you get to the ship in time ..?

Level selection menu, 45 levels for our sponsors. The game is in 6 languages: French, English, German, Russian, Italian Chinese and Spanish.

0% complete
The domain ( will be created and the web version "dedicated to our sponsors" will be assembled

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