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About DIY Tech & Repairs

If you are like me that question is easily answered. Because you like to tinker around and just grab more knowledge and see what and how other people do things.

Who am I?
I´m 30+ with a family living in the woods. I have a genuine interest in all things around engines, electricity, computers. solars and generic crazy stuff!

What will you gain from being a follower to me?
You get to follow me on a journey where i tear things apart, building all kind of things, repairing stuff, my solar-electricity system including how i try to store the energy and of course the build of my Super 7 Locost!

This cost money. That's nothing new at all. Its expensive to buy tools and all that. But what also takes alot of time and money is to document what im doing and trying to do some quality videos for you guys! Currently I work full time but in future this is where i want to head with it all. 

And this is where Patreon comes in hand! I really need you guys to help me out to be able to spend more time in front of my camera. I do spend several days a week in my shop but im not able to film not nearly as much as i want nor edit it and throw it up on Youtube. 

And i do promise that every buck that comes from any source of you guys will end up in videos going back to the community!!

Yes I do put out content. Not always every day or week or month. But with your help i will be a lot more motivated since i can afford the things needed to do a proper job. You will also have the chance to influence my content! I do listen to all what you have to say and is there a special crazy video or other you want to see just let me know! 

My personal page where i try to put up some of the articles i write:

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Buying stuff for pure testing and or evolving existing equipment this would be a large step
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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