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You've hard my music, you like it and you would like me to do more. My music will always be free. This is a simplest $1 a month "thank you" support. I do not ask you to buy my stuff but to have a $1 patronage to keep it free. Thanks!



About Dj Cro-G

Hi and thank you for interest to become my patron!

You heard my music on some platform and you liked it so much you clicked further! Believe me, this already made me very grateful for your time.
Let me assure you immediately, my music will always be free for you, listener!
I like to hear your opinions so feel free to use any place you find it to express it, I will read it for sure and respond on any questions you might have.

In order to keep the music coming and free, I've setup this page where you can contribute in this idea - $1 a month. If I sold you a CD, this would be generally it. With your patronage however, you will become a part of my little world and we will stay directly in touch; social sites are allowing this now - talk to those you really like and follow!
And bit about me, DJ CRO-G is a stage name I use when performing as DJ and publishing tunes while in our universe. It has been chosen recently as my 20+ year time as an amateur DJ in pubs, weddings and clubs on few continents didn't require any.

With decision to start crating something of my own however, it became necessity to choose a name so it was an easy one - DJ as I was one, Cro as I am Croatian and G as this is a first letter of my name. Not creative but at least descriptive!

I don't like my picture being taken much nor have live performances as much either. I'm staying as private as possible and I let my music talk for me instead so, consequently, there will be no video introduction. Last interview however, can provide much more insights on who I am as an artist and my creative process(es).

Thank you for reading and I hope you will become my patron!

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