Knight is creating Motion Graphics

$5 /mo
Access to animations/art in 1280x720 resolution created for that month! (in.mp4 or .png format)
Such animations that are upcoming would be a Reaper MV and BOFU2016 BGAs!

$10 /mo
You will be able to see snippets of my upcoming video, exclusively for you guys!

$15 /mo
Previous reward, but with an option to skype call and just chat about anything : ^ )

$30 /mo
Previous reward with access to my animation's project files (excluding art that is done by the artist) as well as the animation rendered in 1280x720..

$50 /mo
All of the previous rewards, with a monthly raffle where I will pick either 1 or 2 people for the month to provide a snippet of a song to be animated in 2/2.5D or 3D!