RoboRob is creating Remixes and Original Music

RoboRob & Friends

$2 /mo
- Download of the current month's track.

- As Patron you will hear it exclusively before the general public (usually about 1 month or so).

-  For only $2 you'll a...


Loot, Loot, Loot!

$5 /mo
- Early downloads to all of my music. (Literally get everything I'm releasing)

- Access to wips (works in progress).

- Listen to and download music from my other projects be...


Exclusive Remix

$10 /mo
- Vote for song I remix for Patreons! Want to hear your favorite anime theme remixed? That one guilty pleasure pop radio hit? Favorite video game theme? The possibilities are endless my friends! 

Senpai, Notice Me! (Music Lessons)

$50 /mo
- Want to learn how to produce? Want to learn music theory? Want to learn how to DJ? This reward gets you bi-monthly lessons at 30 minutes each where I will teach you what I know. Beginner to advan...