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About DKGwelp

This is the DKGwelp podcast Patreon, Curley and Kaz have been doing DKGwelp for the past 3-4 years, and now want to take the show even further, the show has seen many changes since its first episode and has been a passion project for the boys. Now it is time to grow and expand that is where this Patreon comes in with your help we can start reaching bigger goals that the show has had but has not been able to reach just yet. with your help, we want to start bigger projects, grow the community that has pushed us so far, be able to do more live events and upgrade the show.

With this Patreon what want to be able to put more money into the show, better equipment (mics, cameras, a producer) we also want to be able to do more live events when we travel and being able to have a budget for that would be amazing for the show and its growth. The show as it is will always be here to provide the silly happy fun times.

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