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Welcome, every penny really does count!
This essentially will go half way towards one part-bursary session for one person per month. 
But if the regular tiers are too much commitment, I understand! 
I'm adding this tier for those who still wish to help, and for whom this figure is more reasonable for you.
With love and thanks for your kindness and generosity in helping towards providing therapy for those less privileged and struggling to access it, blessings.


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Join my community of patrons.
This level will enable ONE MONTHLY part-bursary therapy session.
That's one person who can access a monthly part-bursary session, THANKS TO YOU!
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  • Every penny literally counts
  • Did I say thank you yet? THANK YOU!

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This level will enable TWO MONTHLY part-bursary therapy sessions.
That's one person who can access twice monthly part-bursary therapy sessions, OR two people to access one monthly, THANKS TO YOU!
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  • Every penny literally counts
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About DK Green (aka DK Leather)

Hi everyone. This Patreon account is all about my way of giving back to the GSRD (gender, sex, relationship diversity) communities in which I both live and work. I already do, profoundly, and this is hopefully a way that I can viably continue to do so. 

I already provide therapy on a 'stepped fees according to income' basis. For the very lowest income earners (i.e. being on benefits, or minimum wage/zero contract hours work) even my financial hardship rate sometimes still precludes access; so I offer a 'part-bursary' system based on the 'pay-it-forward' system outlined below. Basically that means that for every £10 Patreon patrons donate, one person gets that discount directly from the financial hardship rate, which is usually enough to make it accessible, even if only twice a month. If it's still inaccessible, I make up the different out of pocket myself.

Some may already know about my Pay-It-Forward scheme, to part-bursary fund therapy sessions (psychotherapy & counselling) for the less privileged, whether by virtue of their sexuality, gender, relationship, disability, race, culture, neuro-diversity, sex worker status, and/or the complex intersectionalities therein. So my less privileged/more oppressed/discriminated against clients pay what they can, and the bursary fund (& me) makes up the rest. Past and present clients and others who publicly support my work, have contributed when they can to enable others to receive much needed therapy. To be brutally honest, this 'bursary' work has been coming out of my own pocket more often than not for years, as donations to the fund - as gloriously generous as people have been in the past - have been sporadic! So I'm hoping that by having a base of Patreon investors that this work can continue to be provided, and take a little less food from my own table!

My mission statement is to take therapy out of the realm of 'wealthy leisure pursuit' and into the hands of those who truly need it, most especially in these times where the world can be so challenging for any person of diversity. This work is about acknowledging those with the least privilege in our society, and offering them a much needed helping hand.

  • Pay-it-Forward (Article on my blog about the funding scheme for part paid bursary places for therapy)
  • Website (Psychotherapy and counselling; long overdue to be updated!)
  • Facebook Page (Counselling)
One example of the educational work that I do (via the link below) was (one of a few) the presentation I gave for the Pink Therapy Annual Conference 'Beyond the Rainbow', on how as a therapist to discern whether kink or BDSM activity is healthy or unhealthy for any individual client.

Alongside this important therapeutic work, I am widely known for giving workshops and lectures and sharing knowledge of diversities of gender, sexuality, relationships (including LGBTQIA+, Polyamory, Kink, Tantra and more), having lectured at several national universities and held or facilitated workshops in literally hundreds of events since the '90s, both smaller and larger national events (organising director of Kinkfest [London] 2014), and giving workshops and keynote speeches for everyone from Polyday, Tantra4GayMen, Pink Therapy's Annual Conferences, the Unitarian Church youth leaders training weekend and many more.
This work invariably takes time out of my limited earning schedule and generally comes out of my own pocket!

So PLEASE consider supporting my work.

CHOOSE your reward level based on what you can afford and what rewards you'd like, and do it now while it's hot on your mind!

My enormous ongoing thanks and gratitude to all who have done and do.
$36.60 of $101.31 per month
This goal will cover TWO part-bursary therapy sessions PER WEEK: where the client pays what they can genuinely afford (due to lack of privilege around gender, sexuality, culture, ability etc) and the bursary fund (and me) makes up the rest.
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