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Welcome to Writing Craft: Lessons for the Working Fiction Writer.

This is a series of posts meant to help writers who are:

  • Done with one or more works of fiction.
  • Past the beginning stages of their craft but who feel like they are stalling out.
  • Not getting published (or not getting published as quickly as they want).
  • Having difficulty finding more challenging materials to help them improve their craft, having "read it all."
  • Feeling overwhelmed by conflicting advice.

This series will not cover all possible topics of use for all possible working writers! What it will cover are some major points that must be addressed for the first time—or re-addressed and redefined—by writers who have passed the beginning stages of writing.

The underlying principle behind this series is:

If you've made it this far, then you’re a decent storyteller. You don’t need anyone to tell you what you “should” or “shouldn’t” do.

What you need is advice on how to get away with what you really want to do.

This series will not, for example, give yet another set of laborious instructions on how to plot, or advise you that if you don’t follow a certain type of plot, your book will fail. Instead, we will look at how to construct scenes that drag the reader through your plot whether they want to or not, and how to suit plot structure to the tale at hand.

Not all advice will work for every person; whatever doesn’t work for you should be tossed, inelegantly, in the trash. There will be many areas that I can't cover. What I hope this series will cover is how to get words on the page in a way that's efficient: more words, more "let's see if this work--it does!," fewer edits. Other books will have to cover worldbuilding, genre tropes, and other areas of concern to working writers. And I realize that my advice won't be for everyone. 

How it works:

The posts are structured so that you can read them individually, but I highly recommend that you read them in order. In places where one post is definitely required in order to understand another, I will list that book in the beginning of the introduction to that post.

The plan is to gather the posts into "books" covering separate topics, and when the entire series is complete, publishing them as a collected  volume. 

Who am I:

I am DeAnna Knippling, a freelance writer, ghostwriter, editor, and book designer. I have ghostwritten over 50 books since 2013, from nonfiction to horror, mystery, science fiction, fantasy, suspense, thriller, adventure, romance, and more, plus my own work.

You can find out more about me at www.WonderlandPress.com.


At the end of each book's worth of posts, I'll add some extras, including:
  • Analysis examples for whatever we’re studying at the time.
  • Worksheets, study projects, and checklists as needed.
  • A resource list for other material on the same subject.

To Sum Up:

  • Sign up for my Patreon if you need more advice on craft.
  • But not more rules.
  • Read the posts in order if you can; also, ebooks and print to come later.
  • This is advice from an actual writer.
  • Nerdy extras will be added on occasion.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 33 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 33 exclusive posts

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