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About DLavrov Club

Welcome to our club!

If you are interested in premium analytics, trading ideas, knowledge, and experience - you are in the right place! We are here to match your needs and help you to reach your goals in the financial markets!

My name is Dmitriy Lavrov. I'm a professional trader, a mentor, a strategy developer, and one of the top authors of TradingView. I invited my friends, professional traders as well, to help me in creating cool stuff for traders.

Together, we are ready to evolve your trading and help you to find your own path in the financial markets like Forex, Crypto, and Stocks.
The 3 tiers will provide you the quality knowledge and priceless experience, which will become a solid basis for your successful trading.

Let's evolve your trading!
Join our club using one of the tiers and start proper trading right now!

Our Team

Oleg Alexandrov - trading experience since 2008
Mikhail Hyipov - trading experience since 2009
Dmitriy Lavrov - trading experience since 2007

About Tiers

  • LITE Tier is good for those who want to trade in different markets, gain knowledge and experience from real trading. In order to support you, we will share premium analytics and trading ideas based on our proven trading strategies. You will see why we buy or sell an asset, which levels we use for entry and exit, how we manage our capital. This information will help you to make the right decisions in your personal trading. It will help you to understand the whole trading better. Also, we will share with you trading tips, which will explain how to trade and manage your capital properly in different financial markets. 

  • PRO Tier is for those who want to stop making mistakes and start proper trading. In master classes we will give you the knowledge, which will help you to protect your capital and manage it in the right way using different tools and methods. We will provide you request analysis for the markets you like and explain how we would trade in them. If you have questions about different aspects of trading, we will be glad to answer them. It will help you to grow as a trader.

  • PREMIUM Tier is the perfect option for those who want to start proper trading as fast as possible and have premium support. You will get a 5-hour private session with professional traders, where you will be able to practice new knowledge under their control. The mentorship program will be available for you. Together we will create a trading plan for you, and it will make your trading as simple as possible.
    Your success will be our success, and we will do the best to provide you the all knowledge and experience we have been collecting for many years.
All these tiers focus on providing you quality analytics, knowledge, and experience. We are sure that these elements are very important for every successful trader. If you want to make a profit by trading, you must have these elements. Of course, you can try to find your own path in the financial markets by yourself. It is possible. But you have to be ready to spend much more time and pass through a great number of mistakes. We want to help you avoid mistakes and save your time because the movement in the right direction is the fastest way to reach your goals and change your life for the better.


Trading in the financial markets is risky, and may not be suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade, you should do your own research and take into consideration your level of knowledge, experience, and financial situation. DLavrov Club does not provide financial advice. The content, which we provide for you, must be used for informative and educational purposes only.
Only you can be responsible for your trading results!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 91 exclusive posts
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