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Pull back the veil and walk into the world of, the memory palace of author/philosopher Daniel Louis Crumpton. Enter freely and of your own will. Who knows how many other things one will find here but one thing that will be found is an author living through the vessel of his own creation. The writer becoming the character within his own story; hell bent on blurring the lines between fact and fiction, reality and fantasy, the physical and the metaphysical.
Through articles, blogs, serial novels and podcasts, Daniel Louis Crumpton expresses his unique views on life, the universe and everything; all the while keeping his tongue firmly planted in his cheek. This website is not for the faint of heart nor those still attached to the idea of “living” in simply four dimensions of time and space. So if you are ready for orientation for the afterlife and all things metaphysical; welcome to
How to enjoy this site:
The Genesis of stems from the serial novel of the same name which follows the character and author, Daniel Louis Crumpton, into the realm of metaphysics and the supernatural in the form of an apparent journal. Beginning with Prologue,the narrative is written in chapter form as it carries the reader through story arcs which each have a distinct title of their expands upon the world described by Daniel Louis Crumpton with categories such as Squalls ( short writings on events, thoughts and philosophies according to Daniel Louis Crumpton), Guest Writers (contributions from other writers of a metaphysical persuasion) and Podcasts ( radio spots with Daniel Louis Crumpton as the guest or interviews he has conducted himself). As the website grows, Down Loaded Content T.V. will also expand to include video interviews, documentaries and other audio/visual productions from the perspective of the supernatural and metaphysical. Help grow by subscribing to the site and the YouTube channel. Also don’t forget to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, share our content with your friends and of course help continue the work by becoming a regular financial contributor so the material produced by this site can evolve as you evolve.

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