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Love is expressed in many ways. Gratitude, generosity, gifts, etc. Another way is openness. If you are open to love then love will be open to you. So let's integrate, connect, and grow our community. I'm here to contribute and I'm here with you. The sooner we see each other as brothers and sisters from all backgrounds, the sooner the world will transform into what we all know it was meant to be. Are you ready for it?

It has always been my dream to write and perform beautiful music for all people. I would never demand to be paid because my art is eternal, sacred and priceless to me - to put a monetary value on any part of it would be in fact degrading to the whole thing. So if you enjoy my gift to you, and you feel inspired to give back and connect with me, I think we will both win. Gifts, gratitude, and generosity are the glue that holds people together.

Simply making and performing music is reward enough for me. But eating is also good! I appreciate any help at all, in order so that I may gain peace of mind (maybe a full stomache) and therefore increase my ability to continue to make music and inspire you.

I am opening my channels, my doorways to all, so that inspiration may enter.

Many gifts are waiting to be bestowed. All it takes is connection.

Gratitude and blessings to all.

Thank you!!!
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Once I reach $1000 a month, I will record the greatest album ever recorded. Not exaggerating.
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