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About David Morgan-Mar

I've been making Irregular Webcomic! since 2002, plus various other webcomic projects such as Darths & Droids and Planet of Hats - making me possibly the only person in history to be creating both a Star Wars and a Star Trek comic at the same time!
I constantly have ideas for more fun stuff to create and share, such as (details deliberately a bit vague):
  • More comics - wow, I have a file full of ideas for these.
  • Books - I want to compile some of the science annotations from IWC! into book form. And I have ideas for new and exciting books never seen before. In fact, I've started writing one...
  • Photos - there are some photo essay projects I want to pursue, which would result in photo books.
  • Other website diversions - bloggy things, gamey things, arty things.
  • Videos - yeah, I don't have a whole lot of these yet, but I have plenty of cool ideas!
Anyway, the way to generate some of these things is to see how much support there is out there - to inspire me to devote a bit more time to them. I've never put ads on any of my creative work - I don't like them and I don't want to inflict them on people. So I've never made any money from my comics before starting this Patreon. This is much more my sort of model of supporting artists - contribute something in proportion to your enjoyment to help support the time and effort of making something. The more support I get, the more stuff I'll create!

Also (pipedream mode on), if this Patreon thingy manages to defray the cost of reducing my day job to 4 days a week (or less), I can do so and devote whole days at a time to creating new stuff! Woohoo!
$414.46 of $500 per month
This is a goal amount where I can start to entertain not seeking/returning to a full-time job, but rather seek casual work and spend whole days each week devoted to creating stuff.
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