is creating battle maps and adventures for Dungeons & Dragons.

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By supporting me you will receive access to my entire backlog of maps and adventures and all future creations that I will make. I'm always making something new, but post at irregular intervals.
Includes Discord benefits
  • High quality, High resolution (4k) Battle Maps.
  • Map Vatiations: Day/night, weather, etc.
  • Commercial use of all maps
  • Adventures ranging from one page dungeons to 50-page books
  • Discord access! Chime in on future projects


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Really want to help a fellow DM out? You have my undying thanks! Let me know if you have any requests.
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  • My undying gratitude for keeping me afloat and creating!




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I'm Roy, a Dutch dungeon master and artist. I love designing adventures and encounters for D&D and other games! Currently, I'm running a Swordcoast campaign and regular one-shots with different systems. I love grimdark survival OSR play, but design for everyone!

What You Get

I create maps, adventures, random tables, and other stuff that comes across my path that I find interesting to share. Juggling work, family, and the hobby, my creations will come at irregular intervals. Like what I do, and want to support me? You've come to the right place!

I like my maps to tell a story; Enemy reinforcements waiting in a nearby cave. Mind Flayers bending town folk to their will from the sewers. Disgruntled veterans building a robot army to punish corporate overlords. Find this and more by joining up.

Commercial Use

When supporting me, you can use any of my maps to add to your own adventure or product for free! The only thing I ask is to ensure that the PATREON | DMROY logo is always present in the bottom-left corner of the map.

But that's not all!

Ever wanted to play an Eberron-Terminator crossover? Now you can! When you sign up, you immediately get access to my 45-page dungeon crawl adventure. Take your players through an 'abandoned' war factory and uncover a menacing plot. Impress your players with an awesome map, player handouts, custom tokens, and intro video, and intro video:

Give me a follow to check out my freebies and maybe even become a patron. As a patron you receive multiple premium map variations, you get to peek in my personal game notes, and share thoughts on my Discord server.

Hope to see you soon!


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