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Fresh Level 1 Baby
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Bright eyed and bushy tailed, you enter the Lab full of wonder. We appreciate your support and encourage you to join the Lab Rats. At this tier you get. 


* Admission to Patron-only discord, with a multitude of channels, and an inclusive, fun community. 

* Fan Lab Battles (Discord), where Patrons face off against one another with their own original creations. Dan and Garin even pop in to poke fun. 

* Get productive with the D&D Character Lab as you gain access to their invite-only Habitica Party. Help fend off those evil dustbunnies with your friends, as you level up your life! 

* Collab Creations (Discord)! Garin and Dan guided by their Patrons' requests help create iconic Pop-Culture inspired character content. It is then made pretty to look nice and official, and compiled into a PDF for use! 

Includes Discord rewards
Level 5, Got a Feat and Feeling Beefy
per month

Now you're truly ready for action. You crave the thrill of battle and fear no beastie no matter the size, CR or number of ridiculous Legendary Actions. 

At this tier, Patrons will have access to two bonus episodes a month. 

* Fight Club- Two characters from a previous episode on
the public feed battle to the hurt.


* Class Interview- Revamped for 2019! Voted on by our patrons, each month, Garin and Dan will interview a real-life character or class and pick its brain! 


*  All previous rewards, indubitably.  

Examples of each of these episodes can be found on our public feed. Air dates 10/31/17 for Monster Lab and 1/12/18 for Fight Club.

Includes Discord rewards
At 10th Level You Need a New Challenge
per month

And so do we. Patrons at this their get to add to the chaos of The Lab. 

* Early Access to our Main Podcast (Sometimes as much as 9 days early!)

* Access to Character Sheets from all 2019 episodes onward. 

Show Involvement:

* Each and every episode, one patron from this tier will be able to submit an authored scenario for the "smooth operator" and "spitting fire" sections of our show (with shoutout, of


* All previous rewards, brah. 

Includes Discord rewards



About D&D Character Lab

The D&D Character lab is a weekly Dungeons and Dragons character creation podcast for 5th edition! Each and every week two brothers feature new characters drawing from a multitude of published content from WoTC as well as Third-Party publishers and authors within the community, and argue with one another based off of pre-defined criteria until there is just one winner each week. Once in a while we even do giveaways with the content that we feature! We are fans first and making this show has been a wonderful outlet for our obsession. 

Thank you so much to everyone that takes the time to listen, comment and review our show and written content. We've sincerely appreciated the support of the welcoming D&D community. By becoming a Patron, you will give us the chance to improve our show with new equipment and all kinds of twinkling doo-dads.

Be sure to check out our show here: https://bit.ly/2wErq6n
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By reaching this goal, the show is no longer in the red! Hosting fees are covered, and we can bring back our defunct website from the dead. Think of yourselves as Clerics, in a sense!

The website regularly featured free content for in-game use, and our character sheets for each episode. Help us build a nice and shiny one!
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