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Every journey has to start somewhere! This entry level reward tier grants you access to our Drunks and Dragons Wallpaper*. Since you are now officially a Patron of our adventure you will also gain access to the Drunks and Dragons Patreon Activity Feed

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Your selfless sacrifice has now caused the small folk of the realm to mutter your name over cups of grog at the local tavern. Get an ad free feed of the Drunks and Dragons podcast. When possible we will release episodes early as well! This tier also includes new monthly Patreon-only exclusive episodes. like the Conductors' Seat! Exclusive. Not to mention past exclusive episodes (like the Kickstarter episodes DMed by Tim).  

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Legends are not born. They are forged through the fires of dedication and perseverance. You now have the ability to name an NPC in our world. Join the ranks of legendary figures such as Clinker, Ballard, and Old Man Weck and change the face of our world, not to mention our hearts!

*Names must be approved; Bulbasaur Elric is an amazing name, just not for our show.

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  • Drunks and Dragons Patreon Activity Feed
  • Access to exclusive episodes
  • access to past exclusive episodes
  • DnD Podcast wallpaper



About Greetings, Adventurers!

Greetings adventurers!

Thank you so much for taking time to visit the Greetings, Adventurers! (previously Drunks and Dragons) Patreon page. We have had the pleasure of creating our 5th Edition D&D actual play podcast for years now, and while we absolutely love creating it, we could use your help.

The cast of Greetings, Adventurers! includes Nika Howard (Nika_Howard), Jennifer Cheek (jennifercheek), Tim Lanning (timlanning), Mike Bachmann (themikebachmann), and your Dungeon Master: Michael DiMauro (thriftynerd).

There are very real costs associated with keeping our podcast going. We need to pay for everything from server space to new equipment to a seemingly endless supply of Bud Light Lime Raz-Ber-Ritas for Mike Bachmann.

We also love finding fun ways to give back to our listeners, so if you scroll down you will find all kinds of wonderful rewards. We have rewards for any budget, and every little bit helps. There are plenty of cool things like exclusive content and opportunities to join us for some D&D.

Fresh content every Thursday!

That's the goal!

We are always mixing things up and trying to find new ways to make being a patron a worthwhile endeavor. Our current vision is to deliver fresh and exclusive content to you every Thursday. To do this will take a pretty big effort, so we have worked it into our goals section. 

1st Thursday - (unlocked) - Editing Tales - In this video series, Master Editor David Stewart takes you on a journey as he explains the subtle science and exact art of podcast editing.

2nd Thursday - (unlocked) - The Conductors' Seat - Join Tim Lanning and special guest Michael DiMauro as they discuss the art of Dungeon Mastering. Patrons can submit questions and join the live stream.

3rd Thursday - (unlocked) - Blooper Reel - Did you know that there is stuff that is actually too silly, weird, or inappropriate to make it into our finished podcasts? We didn't either! Now you can experience these "bloopers" first hand in our monthly series.

4th Thursday - $5,000 - New Series! If we can get to this milestone, we will produce a new episodic series that takes place in Drunkeros. 

Thank you again for checking out our page, and we hope you consider becoming our patron. 

- The Greetings, Adventurers! crew
100% complete
Tales from the Foaming Tankard - we will create an entirely new show using core members of the cast.

For the first arc, we will we will follow Luccan and friends as they battle a magical disease that threatens Wood Elf City. Run by David Stewart and featuring Carly Shields, Tim Lanning, Mike Bachmann, and Michael DiMauro as players. Future arcs include experiencing life in dragon-occupied Mastwick through the eyes of a group of level 1 characters, and other fun Drunkeros romps!

This series will be exclusive to patrons at the $5 and above tiers, will be released at least monthly, and run around 10 to 12 episodes.

We may switch settings, or games, but the core cast will remain the same.
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