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You rummage through your couture handbag and spare a couple of coins for a good cause because you're feeling kind. You receive our eternal love.  

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You notice a tiny hat, left beside a sewer grate. You dust it off and put in on and feel a small wave of energy as your IQ jumps up. In return for your smarts, each episode you'll go into the draw to get a personalised shout-out on our podcast.

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About Dungeons and Drag Queers

The following announcement is brought to you by the City of Xan'Moxie!

In 2017, we started out doing live monthly shows in Sydney, bringing our love of Dungeons & Dragons and our queerness together resulting in the magical, campy and chaotic universe that is Xan'Moxie. The community that has developed around the podcasts/shows has been amazing and we feel so honoured to have had the impact we've had so far. Truly means the world to us.

Our online podcasts and Twitch streams will always be free because we want to provide a campy, queer space for everyone to enjoy! But, if you've loved the Xan'Moxie universe and are financially able to, supporting us with only a couple of bucks a month would be magical and game-changing for us. 

If you can't contribute financially that's ok too, even small acts of kindness such as a lovely Itunes review, recommendation to a friend or a cheeky social media post would be amazing!

Ultimately, we created this universe to make a space for everyone to play, laugh and be themselves. Our goal is to provide more ways for people engage with Xan'moxie and with your support we hope to invite more people into our community.

All the love,
Your Dungeons & Drag Queers 
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Fan Fiction

We'll create a special edition episode based on a genre that your vote for! Film Noir? Spaghetti Western? Period Drama? You name it, we play it!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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