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During his education in Social Work he has plead for inclusive educational systems in Belgium with his paper ‘Verspild talent’ (NL), Wasted talent’ (EN) in 2016. The year after he wrote the policy proposal ‘Mensen en bedrijven stimuleren om e-bikes te gebruiken als remedie voor het mobiliteitsprobleem’ (NL), ‘Stimulate people and companies to use e-bikes as remedy for mobility issue’ (EN) which has led to the government subsidizing electric bikes.

In his three monthly 'Globe at Your Scope' Issue he writes articles about: trendwatching, innovation & digital transformation, exponential & sustainable organisations, predictions & extrapolations and unicorn hunting. He shares new endeavours, has conversations with most prominent 21st century thinkers.

As an expert in extrapolation, trend watching and figuring out what's the next big thing his latest predictions include The United Kingdom not leaving the European Union. He offers private government and business consulting services (GCS & BCS) and provides insight in where our world is heading on the interwebs.

He is for generative high-profit enterprises such as sustainable fish breeding programs and generative farming. He prefers holistic approaches in favor of firefighting which makes his consulting services highly demanded on local, national and international levels.

He is against green washing, corruption and theft. He is for meritocracy, four day work weeks and appropriate technology. He studied social work whereby he did charity work and internships in two blue chip corporations Toyota Parts Centre Europe and Harol before working as producer/dj, freelance consultant and business developer.

As festival host of 'Woodstok' together with his brother and friends he is a supporter of small, local businesses which gives local artists chanches, improve societal inclusion and enriches cultural activities.

Blending own productions with fresh-selected cuts. DBSLR developped an unique taste of sound by listening to a wide range of genres throughout early stages of life. His mixtapes consist of classics & soon-2-be classics. Genres: Hip-Hop, Trap, Jazz.

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