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About Doc Burford

Hi. I'm Doc, and I write about video games on I livestream them on (now that Mixer is dead! RIP) Supporters of this Patreon get to tell me what to write about.

I'm the guy who explains how magicians do their tricks--that is, I try to reveal what's behind the mysteries of the way we enjoy games. For me, it's about understanding why we feel the way we do about the games we play.

My goal is to say thoughtful, interesting things that help us enjoy the games we like even better than we already do.

I'm a freelance games writer for Kotaku and PC Gamer, as well as the Guy Wot Makes Alternative Games Website Stomp run. I've got degrees in art, game design, and film, and I make adventure games on the side. I put together a team for a weird idea I had about smuggling haunted video tapes, and we turned that into the Award-Winning game Paratopic! I did a lot of narrative work (including audio logs about machine gods and space cats) on Hardspace: Shipbreaker and am currently directing the upcoming adventure game Adios, which is about a pig farmer who's decided he no longer wants to dump bodies for the mob.

I need your help to make this happen!

Because of some ongoing, severe medical issues, finding work that can accommodate my health has proven to be a difficult proposition. Just getting through the day is often a daunting task. Unfortunately, as a result of these health issues, it's getting harder to justify spending my free time writing about games.

It's only with your help that I can continue to write about video games.

If you'd like to see the things I write, here's a small selection:
  • STALKER is the most important game I have ever played.
  • Dishonored, and why breaking the rules of stealth actually makes for a better stealth game.
  • How The Silent Cartographer reveals the depth and complexity of Halo: Combat Evolved.
  • Why the Alien universe would actually make for the perfect shooter.
  • On the genius of Mirror's Edge, and why combat doesn't have to be a problem.
  • How Call of Duty's most memorable level works because of its tight scripting, rather than in spite of it.

    (I'll totally stick a video up there once I get some proper recording equipment; right now, it's a screencap I took from Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, one of the most remarkable games I've played all year)
Updated April 16, 2017
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I need about $1,250 a month to cover all my basic needs like rent, utilities, and groceries, so I can focus on writing about games.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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