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I've worked on a diverse set of open source projects over the past 15 years. These days, I spend most of my open source time on projects in the Rust programming language.

Current Rust projects

  • Quinn is a futures-based Rust implementation of the QUIC protocol (a modern TCP replacement) and the HTTP 3 protocol (which builds on top of QUIC).
  • Askama is a type-safe compiled Jinja-like templating language for Rust, one of the most popular Rust templating solutions. It aims to be user-friendly, reliable and very efficient.
  • template-benchmarks-rs maintains a suite of benchmarks and results for the most popular Rust template engines to verify performance of different engines.
  • tokio-imap and imap-proto are a tokio-based IMAP client and base IMAP protocol library in Rust. imap-proto is also used by rust-imap, the most-popular IMAP library on crates.io.
  • namespaced-features is a change to how Cargo reads manifests to improve separation between features and dependencies. While I have implemented the Cargo parts of this change, this feature will also need changes in the package registry code.
  • I am one of the maintainers for Rust in the Gentoo Linux distribution.

Non-Rust projects

  • rnc2rng, a RELAX NG syntax transpiler written in Python
  • abna, a Python library to get mutation data from the ABN Amro bank site
  • AreWeMeetingYet, a light-weight way of communicating times throughout timezones

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