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A hearty thank you on the a podcast! It's better than a lot of other things you can get for a dollar!
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Not the shoes. For double your dough, I'll interview you on Confusion is my Superpower. Seriously!
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You get to read chapters of my story, The BYL: Exile, as I draft it. Feedback is appreciated.

Note that, should I be unable to get a drafted chapter out, in a month, I'll put up an old post, article, or other kind of writing. It may be terrible. Feel free to make fun of me for it.




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About Jesse Edmond

This is not a site for me.

I do produce content here, but that's not the point. This site is about building community. When I encountered an attitude that was the exact opposite of what I want to represent, I came to realize that I had to try and do something more. I can create, certainly, and I can encourage others to go off and do their own thing, but this isn't necessarily a positive attitude. Instead, I can create an environment in which others are enabled to create without having to go through all the extra stuff that goes into building a blog, producing a podcast, developing a video series, etc.

For some time, I have taken on this task with my own resources but, as it grows, it becomes clear that I will need to find a means to produce additional resources. That is why I am here, humbly, asking for the support of those who are willing to offer anything to help transform and our various associated podcasts into something new and amazing; a place where the curious can spark the fan of creativity and discover whether an inferno of innovation, imagination, and art exists within them.

This is not for me. I've been giving all I can.

This is a site for you. 

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