Doc Nickel is creating A Webcomic!

$1 /mo
You get to bask in the knowledge you're helping support a cool comic!

$1.47 /mo
You get that same warm glow, but aren't as OCD about round numbers.

$2 /mo
You want to bask in slightly more of that knowledge, and maybe buy Doc an extra can of Dew.

$5 /mo
You get an extra Scraps strip each month!

$7.53 /mo
Ultra Exclusive Private Reserve Mega Huge Sticker Pack! (Seriously, there's like, at least three in there.)

$10 /mo
All of the above, plus an extra dose of that warm glow, PLUS you'll be the first to see the new TWB sidestory comic books!

$25 /mo
All of the above, a now-near-lethal dose of that warm glow, AND a Free Advance Copy of each new book!

$50 /mo
All of the above, as applicable, PLUS a cameo of your character or avatar, if you have one, in a TWB strip!