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It wants to know what I do.

Well, okay - essentially what I do is make Creative Commons licensed guitar music that people can use in their own projects or just listen to for nothing. I make very little from that - which is great, because I expected to make nothing, so I'm actually up. But, if you want to give me something for strings and biscuits, this page is my way of not saying no.

I hereby solemnly swear that all monies raised will be spent on strings and biscuits. And, should funds allow, finger picks, fancy capos and Guild 12-strings.

I'll try and think of some rewards; but I'm committed to making everything I do freely available, which kind of rules out exclusive tracks etc. So probably they won't amount to much beyond thank yous and dedications. 

But I'll try and link to new stuff here first while I ponder how else to tip the hat to you very select band of patrons. Watch this space, and thanks.

Doctor Turtle
$6 of $10 per month
Buying some kind of half decent guitar to replace this... thing. Actually, the thing is an Ibanez I've had for thirty years, so I should probably be more respectful. Really, it's my favourite physical thing in the world. But it's kind of showing its age and could maybe do with some company.
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