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is creating textbooks for analog circuit design and feedback systems

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I have taught advanced courses in analog circuit design at M.I.T., Stanford, and Olin College and taught seminars at various companies over the past twenty years. For these classes, I have written course notes on

  • Analog Linear Systems
  • Classical Control Systems (MIT 6.302, Olin ENGR 3370)
  • Feedback Circuit Techniques (MIT 6.302)
  • Analog Transistor Circuits (MIT 6.301)
  • Advanced Analog Circuit Design (MIT 6.331, Stanford EE308)
  • Analog Filter Theory (IEEE course, various seminars)
  • Circuits for Electronic Music (Olin elective)

Occasionally, I am asked to share these notes, or if I plan to release them. Students seem to like them. These notes are “mostly” done, but they’re not ready for public release. Some sections still need to be finished. References need to be cleaned up. Some sections already written need to be rewritten. Figures need to be redrawn. Footnotes need to be fixed. I need time (and motivation) to finish it up.

So that brings us to Patreon. Instead of publishing these books with a traditional publisher, I’ve decided to try crowdfunding, but not for the money. This Patreon is an experiment in motivation. I will work through preparing, polishing, and publishing (as PDF) these texts if there is enough demand. It’s about finding the right audience. I hope that you'll be part of an interested, engaged, dedicated, and motivating audience.

Each of the texts listed above will be between 50 and 200 pages when finished. I’m not interested in writing a lot; I’m interested in writing enough. Most college-level textbooks in this field are too long. Gray and Meyer is almost 900 pages. Sedra and Smith is over 1400 pages. I want to produce short, concise notes that you might actually read.

In addition to being too long, these textbooks are too expensive. The hardcover editions sell for $200. The ebook (if available) sells for $50 (and is restricted to some proprietary ebook reader). Assuming the above texts end up being a few chunks each, I hope that you’ll consider the eventual $3, or $5, or even $10 (for unrestricted PDFs of the completed works) to be a bargain.

I intend to release "chunks" of these notes in 50-page sections. More or less. I hope you'll join me on this adventure.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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