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Fancy yourself a bit of a hot shot SuperCoach player? Then our Prize Group tier might be just for you. There will be prizes for the leading scorer in each month of the season as well as lucky draw prizes. This means even if you're having a shocking 2020 SuperCoach season you're always in the running to win.

At the end of the season there will be prizes handed out for the highest overall finish, highest weekly score and the laser engraved Doctor Supercoach Wooden Spoon for the loser of the Prize tier group.

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*** All rewards in previous tiers are also included.

Rivalry League - Phoenix
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Close your eyes for a moment. Think back. When you're enduring a tough year in SuperCoach, what do you do? Do you throw in the towel and call it quits? Or do you dig deep, clench your fists and rise from the ashes. If you're someone who fights back, then perhaps Rivalry League Phoenix is for you.

In 2020, the battle of the podcasters returns, but we need your help! In Rivalry League you earn points by defeating opposing team members in your head-to-head match ups. Everyone who enters the Rival League is guaranteed end of season prizes but the members of the victorious team at the end of the season win something a little bit more epic.

It's important to remember, you're in the rivalry league for the season! So keep that in mind when choosing to enter. Get in quick - only 15 spots are available!

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*** All rewards in previous tiers are also included.




A message from the Doctor Supercoach Podcast

Thank you for dropping by our official Patreon page. The first thing you should know is that our Patreon is purely for those that really enjoy our podcast and want to help support us.
We want to extend our offer to become part of a our own community filled with some of the most enthusiastic SuperCoach minds. We, like most of you, work full-time and so our podcast is something we do purely out of our enjoyment for the game. Some days the podcast is simply to curse the SuperCoach gods who cruel our players #Titch2020. Some days it's to congratulate Pistol on still having a trade remaining. It's always more fun playing SuperCoach with mates.

We're committed to making the Doctor Supercoach podcast the best SuperCoach podcast out there, committed to creating a show that provides engaging and entertaining content all year round, and committed to rewarding you for supporting us. Your support makes all the difference in helping us make our content and we promise to continue creating it to the best of our ability.

You're never locked into a tier and can change your tier at any time. However, we think the rewards get better the higher tier you're in. Keep in mind if you join the Rivalry League you're in the league for the season.

That's all from us! If you love SuperCoach and enjoy what we do then please consider joining us as a patron and become part of the Doctor Supercoach inner circle. There's prizes, behind-the-scenes content, exclusive podcasts and much, much more. We truly hope this is something you will enjoy!

Cheezo, JB & Pistol

*Note: All prices are in USD.

251 of 300 patrons
 In February 2019 we sat down and tentatively set ourselves the goal of reaching 100-patrons by the end of the year. If we were totally honest, we thought we might reach 50-patrons if we were really lucky. By May 2019 it was hard to believe we had grown to a community of 127-patrons. It still baffles us how generous our community is and it’s hard to properly express how appreciative we are of you all. We honestly had no idea just how amazing our community was and how much you would each grow to become an integral part of our lives.

In 2019 our aim was to build a community where we could all interact together and build our enjoyment of SuperCoach together. Ultimately, we failed at doing this. Instead, we somehow became the catalyst for one of the most wholesome and accepting places we’ve ever been a part of. We couldn’t have imagined we would share in so many life events from successful proposals to the births of children. SuperCoach became so much of an afterthought compared to what truly is important.

The exceptional growth of the community allowed us to achieve more than we could have dreamed of. We suddenly were able to run wildly successful meet-ups and be able to afford to reinvest into the community by designing merch and improve the production quality of our show. In 2020, we are hoping to grow this inclusive community and help more people discover just how wonderful you all are. In our peak we had 217-patrons and it’s hard to find one moment that wasn’t positive.

We are setting ourselves the ambitious goal of reaching 300-patrons and even if we never reach this point we’re sure that everyone who joins will take something positive away from our amazing community!

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