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Hello & Welcome! I am so glad you are here. I am a mother and a mompreneur of Yummy Mummy Emporium & Apothecary in Minden, Ontario, Canada. I have a science degree and a naturopathic doctor degree. I started this business when I learned I was going to be a single mom. We ate out of a food bank for a few years as I built my business from scratch. I work very hard to educate people about how to heal naturally, by my use of videos (like the one here) and through my one on one healing work with people. I grow medicine, wildcraft botanicals, supply medicine to people and I hand make over 80 all natural products. As a single mother, this is a herculean task! Support from you is vital to my success and my ability not to burn out. I am still thinking about what to offer my supporters, so please bare with me. I need to think of something valuable for you but also realistic for me, since my time is already stretched to the limit. Sending you much love and gratitude, Amandha

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