Dodging Death Podcast

is creating a comedy podcast by Stephen Williams Jr and Ryan Paton
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Stephen and Ryan will use this towards the milk alternatives in their coffee. They'll order it with an underscore of superiority, which you can revel in the fact you've caused.

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Features like 'Paul & Oates' and 'Queer Eye for the Straight Ry' don't write themselves - so, your $5 will go towards the baked goods that accompany the team's brainstorming sessions. I mean, yes, *technically* they just come up with these features on the walk to the studio, but nevertheless...

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The team gave a guy called Matthew Morrison (not that one) a pillow with their faces printed on a while ago. Turns out, they're quite pricey to have made - so this pledge will go towards more merch giveaways like that. Definitely worth it, they reckon... 

About Dodging Death Podcast

If you're a regular listener to the show and would like to throw the fellas some money, they would really appreciate it! Your funds will go towards artisanal baked goods and single origin coffee - both of which Producer Paul will complain about. If anything, it's worth putting a few dollars in just for that.