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amor vincit omnia = love conquers all

I lost everyone I loved and I'm determined to not let that happen to any other of my fellow veteran brothers and sisters. So I wrote a book with all the things I learned about how to escape the dark maze of depression, and then hid them within a framework of tactics we learned in my fighter squadron. Veterans tend to not listen to civilians (we still love's just a trust issue) so I'm hopeful that this book will be the definitive starting point for those in danger, but reluctant to seek help from traditional sources. I recently received a heartfelt thank you letter from an Army Special Forces soldier deployed to Afghanistan and it has inspired me to keep pressing; because now I know for sure it's working!

My book will always be free to veterans in need. 
I've already emailed an advance pdf copy to over three hundred people, and given them permission to send it to any other veterans they know that need it. I've been blessed to have made some significant progress: I was introduced to my agent earlier this year (he wrote a NY Times bestseller about a Navy SEAL, and has been incredibly supportive) and he's set me up to be the keynote speaker at a veteran fundraising prayer breakfast this fall.

I've been working hard on my new website, and I'm also over halfway done with a comeback-story screenplay that I'm hoping will inspire people around our great country to keep pressing, even when things seem hopeless. When these two big, serious projects are complete I'd love to write and direct comedies; I feel this is the best way I can share my gift with the world. 

I'd LOVE for you to join this incredible voyage with me. On this page I'll share behind the scenes stuff about new developments, all the wave-riding ups and downs, and what has worked for me. Whether you're looking for inspiration, knowledge on how to transition to becoming an author/screenwriter/director, or you're just entertained by my antics: all are welcome here.

I've resolved to make the best of every situation, despite living with extreme daily pain of being disconnected from my four beloved children. My hope is that they someday find this link, and realize that my weekly video/blog posts here are in fact intended for them. I love you and miss you, every day, Dad

"Logic will take you from A->B;
Imagination will take you everywhere..."
- Einstein

* The video above was made last year, at the very beginning of this chapter.
I'm guessing it isn't exactly the ideal clip for a Patreon intro, but it was a real struggle for me to admit I had a problem and post it publicly. This is because weakness in the squadron = death.
So it might not look that excruciating or difficult to the casual eye, but filming this required a tremendous amount of pure courage because I was terrified to admit a flaw. And I had many flaws I wasn't proud of; flaws that caused a lot of pain to the people who loved me.
But I'm proud of this video BECAUSE it isn't perfect. I'm a hardcore perfectionist, so creating and posting this was a major breakthrough in gaining momentum for what I knew I needed to do.

Courage = Freedom

UPDATE: the book is 
now published + the above video is now the "You've Got 5 Minutes to Save a Life" speech from the Prayer Breakfast for the PTSD Foundation. The original speech can be viewed here at:

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Lucky number 14: it would mean a lot to me to have 14 patrons on the team as wingmen. I'm guessing the first 14 will be the hardest. That's why I'm so grateful to each one of you for taking the time to read my site and join up! Thank you!

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