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Hello! Thanks for spending some time to check out our Patreon! We hope you've found your way here because you've seen some of our animations, and we just want to say thank you for watching our work! If you're curious about how to support us further, you're in the right place.

Who are Doig & Swift?

India Swift is a 2D animator with big dreams and Michael Doig loves to colour.

Together, we're a couple of storytellers who love making animated films with heart and sincerity. We run the Doig & Swift Youtube channel, where we post finished animations alongside process videos, and tutorials.

We recently directed the music video TWRP | Starlight Brigade (feat Dan Avidan)

What will the Money be used for?

Animation is a time consuming process, the most important things this money affords us is the time and stability to create great and meaningful work. Between us we animate, light, colour, paint and composite which requires several weeks / months worth of us working full time.

We've been making independent comics and animations for while now, and we're determined to keep making stories we care about. To expand what is possible for us, in the future we will use patreon to pay illustrators & animators to collaborate with us!

What will you post to Patreon each month?

We want you to join us as we strive to bring our projects to life. We love to share the things we've learned and so we'll be heaping our posts with behind the scenes material and tips & advice on how we make stuff!

Here is a summary and guide for helpful posts from last year.

REWARDS (for everyone!)

Every post we make on Patreon will be public, and will remain free for everyone. Our aim is to de-mystify the process of creating to help inspire other artists to create what they can imagine.

Do you livestream?

We do! We stream to Youtube and Twitch regularly to share insights into our process, answer questions and make cool stuff. Our streams are chill and wholesome, and everyone's welcome.


Thanks for checking out our patreon! We're thankful from the bottom of our hearts for anything we receive, it helps us to continue doing what we love.

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Working on the projects which excite us most, we'll be able to dedicate our work hours to creating amazing comics and animations at full steam!
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