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Hello and welcome to my Patreon
I go by dojero, or just doj!  I'm a freelance illustrator and art enthusiast who loves creating art! You can find me in the wild via craft stores, conventions, and working away in my studio. I'm excited to be able to share my time and process with you all. My ultimate goal as an artist is to inspire others to create and start their own artistic journey! Your support here will guide my way to new products and adventures

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As a Patron of mine, you'll get priority access to newsletters, commissions, merch, and what sort of content I create! You'll also have access to Patreon Only sketches, WIPs, and video outtakes.  Additional rewards will be added to the monthlies as gift surprises to those Silver Tier and above when new merch or commission types are available!

Thank you so much for taking a look and helping support what I love!
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Paying For Pupper
Wooo! This'll pay for my doggers food every month! When this tier is reached, I'll draw all of ya'll's pets as goofy doodles!
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