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Just Giver
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By giving $1 a month, 100%* of your loose change goes towards each of our monthly events. 

If you want to become a member (same price) so you can be more active, check out

*well, Patreon takes like 6%

Care Giver
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We split up the Care Giver's "give" down the line. $1 goes towards giving, and $1 goes towards growing the Dollar Collective - which helps us do what we do. 
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You're a grow'r, not a show'r, we get that. 

$5 goes towards building the Dollar Collective to become something even greater, by contributing to our costs and growth. 

Annual Grow'rs get a special limited Dollar Collective teeshirt, designed by Dan Hawkins, plus secret giveaways!




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Dollar Collective is a non-profit which raises money to perform small, random acts of kindness. Think of it like a crowdfunding flash mob of kindness bent on spreading sunshine.
Our mission is to do kind things for others in our community. By contributing just $1 each, we believe small change can make a big difference.

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