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Hi! I'm dominoThief! I make music, voiceovers, and do other general audio work! I'm working very hard to make this my full-time job, so any amount of support you can give me would be greatly appreciated!
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I'll put your name (Or whatever you want to be called) in a special thank you section of my professional website, when it goes up! 

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Oh shit we got a badass over here

In addition to the previous tiers, each month you pledge this much to me, I'll happily record up to 2 minutes of... honestly whatever you want me to say, in-character! Pick a character, pick your choice of stupid shit, and let's make magic happen! 

bAnK oF tHe MeSsIaHs CaShBaCk AcCoUnT
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In addition to each of the previous tiers, you'll recieve at the beginning of each month you're subscribed to this tier a coupon for twenty motherfucking CLOWN BUCKAROOS. You can spend this coupon to reduce the cost of something you commission from me by $20.  I'll even accept multiple at once!

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If I can make 35$ a month, then I can start the difficult and expensive work of actually submitting copyright requests for all of my music!
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