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I’m always making things: original music, podcasts, covers recordings, live streaming gigs…

There’s not a lot of money in making these things… but, they certainly seem to cost a lot! If you’re interested in how I pay the bills, well... I used to make my living playing cover gigs: pubs, weddings, wineries, casinos etc shows. I DID about 7 gigs a week… until COVID-19!

I’ve known about Patreon for a long time & I support quite a few people I really admire on the platform a love watching what they create every month. I’ve been fortunate enough to have my most recent CD release crowdfunded and know full-well the power of an encouraging tribe (Thank You!!).

I thought long & hard about reward levels and what to offer. I've concluded that I'd really like Patreon to be a place where someone who likes what I do can go to see everything I make in one single place… originals, covers, podcasts, Live Streams etc…

So this is my plan: Everyone gets everything. And you Pledge whatever you like!

To give an indication of what $$ are equivalent to in the world of Spotify!

$1 = 217 Spotify Plays
$3 = 651 Spotify Plays!
$5 = 1085 Spotify Plays!
$10 = 2170 Spotify Plays!
$20 = 4340 Spotify Plays!
$50 = 10850 Spotify Plays!
$100 = 21700 Spotify Plays!

As you can see, you'd have to be famous to make any money put of music streaming!

I’m aware that for some people $1 is a lot and for others $100 isn’t so much. I’m also aware that any amount that we can add to the pot helps me cover costs or to hire other creative people to help me make things (If you can believe it, recording my 10 song album has already cost over $10,000 and I haven't even had the CDs manufactured yet!). I’m not so worried about the amount a person can spare but, more that they’re interested in being part of my creative adventures :-)

What can you expect to see here?:
1: (At least) Once a month I’ll share new song recording (original or cover)
2: (At least) Once a month I’ll live stream a gig from home (you can make song requests)
3: I’ll post The Two Ring Circus Show (a podcast I do with Matt Bradshaw) every week 
4: New music videos when they're made
5: Let’s get the ball rolling and we’ll see what else we can add!

I spend all my spare money on making things: hiring people, internet, data, tech, printing, advertising, fixing instruments, guitar strings etc… I think it’s worth it: I hope you do too :-)

Thanks so much for hanging out! I look forward to making things for & with you!

Dom :-)
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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