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  • 2 hour online consultation every six months.  A great time to get a code review.




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To the DoneJS Doers,
 Thank you very much for contributing.  Your pledge helps us continue to produce high-quality, freely available open source software and training material.  

 Every dollar donated goes to paying core developers to add features, fix bugs, and make training material for all of the DoneJS projects: CanJS, StealJS, DocumentJS, jQuery++, and FuncUnit.  

 We allocate funds for features or issues our weekly standups:

 If you are a patreon supporter and there's an issue you would like us to focus on, let us know by adding the following in an issue comment:

:+1: +P
$0 of $5,000 per month
Another full time developer to fix bugs, add features, and create new learning content.  Bitovi will sponsor any additional salary and benefit requirements.
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