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Harley and Zelda make regular appearances on the channel. If you'd like to help us spoil them rotten (trust me, it's a full time job in and of itself) then your donation of $1 will help give them s...

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Thank you so much for the tip! It blows my mind that anyone watches my stuff, let alone is willing to tip me for it. You have my utmost thanks! I'll update at least once a month regarding new episo...

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Ever said to yourself while watching DYHPTG?!, "I really wish he'd cover (Insert Game Here." Well, Stop that, because Insert Game Here isn't a real game. :P There are tons of games I'd love to revi...

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I go game hunting FOR YOU! I search out non-sports related games that are valued between $5-$10 and ship them to you! You would also get the name in credits reward tier.

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This is the highest tier. I can't imagine anyone would do this, but if you want to wear my face on your body in cotton form, let's do this. Please keep in mind this tshirt would be a one time offer...